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Chronically bad sleep is more than just a nuisance. Photograph: iStock

This summer, The Irish Times will offer tips, advice and information for parents on how to help their children thrive during the holiday mon(...)

‘It’s 00.53 am. I am exhausted. My body feels leaden, battered. But my mind, cruelly, is alert and vigilant.’ Photograph: Basak Gurbuz Derman

It’s 12.53am. I am exhausted. My body feels leaden, battered. But my mind, cruelly, is alert and vigilant. I’m scanning the horizon of my consciousnes(...)

Derbyshire-based Matthew Walker dominates the seasonal pudding market through most major retailers including Lidl and Waitrose, and and has sales of about €40 million.

Valeo Foods, the Dublin-headquartered group that owns Batchelors beans and the Jacobs biscuit brand, has agreed a deal to pay £67 million (€75.5 milli(...)

Try to set your alarm for when you actually need to wake up. Photograph: iStock/Getty

Prepare the night before Prepare what you can the night before, says Dr Hazel Wallace, the author of The Food Medic – from your packed lunch to layin(...)

 The “Super Blood Wolf Moon” over Marseille. Photograph: Jean-Paul Pelissier/Reuters

I didn’t mean to get up for the Super Blood Wolf Moon on Sunday night, superbly marketed as it was. In fact, when waking anyway just before 5am, and r(...)

The countdown to Christmas has begun and it is over the jolly season I know I will most overindulge in food and drink with family and friends, and I’m(...)

“The most important advice I can give people who are struggling with sleep, or want to get good-quality sleep, is to keep it regular,” says Matthew Walker, a professor of neuroscience at the University of California and the author of Why We Sleep.

Do you wake up to the sound of birdsong or an electronic ringtone? Perhaps you use a dawn simulator or an app that won’t stop beeping until you have w(...)

Elon Musk, the chief executive of Tesla and SpaceX, hasn’t been having a great few weeks. There was the bizarre – and totally unfounded – tweet callin(...)

We are surrounded by unhealthy foods in shops and are too time-poor to prepare healthy dinners at home. Photograph: iStock

Modern life is characterised by busy but largely sedentary and unhealthy lifestyles. People are rushing around doing things but not physically moving (...)

Winding down an hour before bed, sleeping in a cool bedroom and keeping a routine could help you get a good night's sleep

Evenings are something of a rush for Megan Hobbs. The 29-year-old solicitor doesn’t finish work until 6.30pm and it takes her 45 minutes to travel hom(...)

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