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 20 species of whales, dolphin and porpoises were recorded, with  2,200 aerial sightings  confirmed by the ObSERVE Programme.

A three-year survey which included recording the sounds of whales, dolphins and porpoises deep in marine waters off the Irish coast has generated a va(...)

“The view from the top balcony can be sublime.” Illustration: Michael Viney

A good many of the high points in my life have perched me, appropriately, on clifftops. Prostrate among island sea pinks above seals and wheeling seab(...)

An Taisce’s Ian Lumley says he has no objection in principle to a documentary but questions the use of a drone for close camera work when puffins and other birdlife are nesting on the Skellig islands.   Photograph: David Sleator

An Taisce has expressed concern about the impact of drone use on Skellig Michael’s seasonal puffin population during filming of a documentary on the U(...)

Science Foundation Ireland director-general Prof Mark Ferguson said the winners of the 2017 SFI awards reflected “the very best outputs and achievements of the Irish research community”.

Ireland is now operating “in the same ballpark” as major science-funding countries around the world, Science Foundation Ireland director-general Prof (...)

A sunfish on the surface of the sea near Melmore Head, Co Donegal, last September. Sunfish are the world’s largest bony fish and can weigh up to a tonne. Photograph: Dearn McClintock

What has a unique swimming style, eats up to 147 jellyfish a day and can be found in Irish waters all year round? Ocean sunfish were previously beli(...)

Angler Jim Clohessy  holds a 4.5kg (10lb)  sea bass which was tracked  in Cork harbour. Photograph: Dr Tom Doyle

European sea bass may look like fish and swim like fish, but they are also home birds. A new study to track the movement of the species has found that(...)

Black-legged kittiwakes rest on an iceberg in Spitsbergen. Researchers are monitoring populations using cameras and citizen science. Photograph: Tom Hart.

Seabird colonies extending from Ireland’s Skellig Michael up to the Arctic are being monitored with time-lapse cameras as part of an international pro(...)