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Rows of mink cage houses each holding up to 1,000 mink. Donegal-born Sven Sjoholm’s parents, Sune and Karita Sjoholm, moved from Finland in 1968 in response to an advertisement looking to attract foreign fur farmers to Ireland.

Hidden among the hills of south Donegal, tucked behind a shroud of fir trees, is one of Ireland’s most controversial farms. Tall steel gates, electric(...)

Donie Anderson herds sheep in Glenasmole, close to the 4,900 acres for sale by Nama . The price is expected to be €1-€2.5 million. Photograph: Dave Meehan

A decision is expected in the coming days over a proposal for the State to buy almost 5,000 acres in the Dublin mountains, currently for sale by the (...)

In Ireland, tests must be run on two mammalian species before drug-testing can be conducted on humans. Above: a lab rat. Photographs:  Getty Images

Everything inside this modern building is clean and techy, but there is an out-of-place whiff of mustiness too: eau de pet shop. I’m outside the “mous(...)