“If you wouldn’t say something in the presence of a women, you shouldn’t be saying it at all.”

Mark Cooper, a second-year law and business student at University College Cork, last week joined the university’s efforts to safeguard women in the wa(...)

Alicia O’Sullivan felt ‘nobody was sure’ how to handle the complaint. Photograph: Andy Gibson

'There seems to be a targeting of young women to try and sell whatever they’re trying to sell': after her identity was stolen by the porn industry,(...)

Photograph: Jena Ardell/Moment/Getty

The architecture of our intimate lives is changing. Irish couples have more choice than ever about how they want to design their relationships, and th(...)

Louise Crowley, a senior lecturer in law, says UCC’s bystander initiative is helping to create a safer campus. “We are seeking to shatter the false consensus over the normality or acceptance of inappropriate behaviour.”  Photograph: UCC

One of the most ambitious attempts to create a “zero tolerance” approach to sexual harassment in Irish third level is unfolding on the campus of Unive(...)

‘It Stops Now’: campaign aims to tackle the harmful behaviours which prevent students from being able to safely and equally participate in college life. Photograph: It Stops Now

University College Cork students will unveil a mural on Monday calling for an end to sexual violence and harassment in third-level institutions. It i(...)

The consent workshops, developed by researchers at NUI Galway, will be offered to transition-year students

Transition year schools will have access to sexual consent workshops and classes under a new national initiative. NUI Galway researchers, who were th(...)

Student rape: most research suggests that rape and sexual assault involving students – especially first-years – are a feature across third-level campuses. Illustration: Getty Images

It was her first year in college and Leanne was approaching the end of her exams in 2016. “It was supposed to be a time of excitement, change and acco(...)

Dr Louise Crowley, of the UCC School of Law which is hosting a conference on domestic abuse on Friday, said existing State responses to the issue are typically reactive and under-resourced. Photograph: Tomas Tyner/UCC.

Ireland is failing the victims of domestic abuse by not adequately intervening with the perpetrators, an international conference on the issue at Univ(...)