Minister of State for Disability Issues Finian McGrath called on the NTA to have a “meaningful and extensive consultation” with the disabled and the elderly. Photograph: Eric Luke

Changes to Dublin’s bus network under a €2 billion overhaul show a disregard for the disabled and elderly, Minister of State for Disability Issues Fin(...)

A yellow bus travels down Manners Street in downtown Wellington, New Zealand. Photograph: Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

Take one plan by the United States-based transport planner Jarrett Walker, add in an aggrieved workforce and a regional council skimping on vital infr(...)

Jarrett Walker: has been paid €615,000 up to August this year. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Almost €3 million has already been spent on consultants for the controversial BusConnects plan, newly released figures show. Procurement documents sh(...)

 The number 44  bus passing through Enniskerry, Co Wicklow. Photograph: Tim Butler

If State policymakers botch their handling of the groundswell of negativity bubbling up around the ankles of the Dublin Bus network redesign this issu(...)

The Dublin Bus network redesign sees the replacement of all existing route numbers with a simplified lettering system. Photograph: Alan Betson

The US transport planner behind the redesign of the Dublin Bus network has hit back at TDs and union officials for spreading “false information” ab(...)

The BusConnects plan acknowledges that some bus users who currently have a direct route into the city centre from where they live would have to change buses to reach their destination. Photograph: Alan Betson

Nobody could say that the bus network in Dublin makes sense, either in terms of bus numbers or routes. It evolved haphazardly over time. No wonder fir(...)

Dublin Bus on Nassau Street: decades-old routes will be replaced by new itineraries. Photograph Nick Bradshaw

The architect of a proposed new Dublin Bus route network has said the design is for a city of the future not for the past. On Monday the National Tra(...)

The new Dublin Bus network, due to be in place at the end of next year, promises more frequent buses and a faster service. Photograph: Getty Images

Older people and poorer communities on the margins of Dublin “have nothing to fear” from the redesign of Dublin Bus services, Minister for Transport S(...)

 Planner Jarrett Walker stressed that bus coverage in Dublin would not be diminished even if certain routes were discontinued. File photograph: Nick Bradshaw

A redesigned Dublin Bus network will look radically different from the existing system with an overhaul of bus numbers and the possibility of less rou(...)