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‘I was such a city girl my parents didn’t think I’d last three weeks down here – and yet I’ve been at Ballymaloe almost three decades now,” says Rache(...)

Myrtle Allen, the ‘matriarch of Irish food’,  was the first Irish woman to win a Michelin star. Photograph: Eric Luke

Few did more to promote a distinctively Irish cuisine than Myrtle Allen, the chef and hotelier who died this week aged 94. The ‘matriarch of Irish foo(...)

Myrtle Allen, chef, hotelier and tireless campaigner on Irish food issues

It was the meeting that almost never happened. On a sunny afternoon on May 16th, photographer Joleen Cronin and I were perched on the edge of squishy (...)

Myrtle Allen’s philosophy on food sounds simple enough now but her approach was regarded as revolutionary at the time. Photograph: Eric Luke

Myrtle Allen Born: 1924 Died: June 13th, 2018 Internationally renowned as the “matriarch” of modern Irish cuisine, Myrtle Allen, who has died at (...)

Ballymaloe House founder Myrtle Allen: ’Keep hoping that you can continue to ignore all those wretched customers that look for swanky food, and hope that the critics are good enough to distinguish the difference between trendy, pretentious menus and the quality of the food on the plate.’ Photograph: Joleen Cronin

Tucked in among the personal papers and diaries belonging to Myrtle Allen, the 94-year-old matriarch of the Ballymaloe hotel, cookery school and food (...)

Ballymaloe Irish Beetroot

At Bloom festival at the start of the summer, people seemed to be in a spending mood. In the Love Irish Food tent, crowds gathered around stalls set u(...)

“If you’re hungry and you want to get something quick I think it’s great that there are other options there and you’re not only limited to crisps and things.”

It’s almost impossible to remember a time when protein bars and healthy convenience foods didn’t swamp the shelves of every shop. From kale crisps to (...)