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Supporters of Karpaty Lviv hold a Nazi flag at a soccer match against Dynamo Kiev in Kiev in 2007. Photograph: Reuters

It was funny once. The perfectly square bit of dirt on the window. The shocked reactions of Craggy Island’s Chinese community. The local farmer who do(...)

Over the past few years DeepMind has been making headlines due to a series of high-profile wins against human players at Go and StarCraft by AlphaGo and AlphaStar respectively.

As DeepMind founder Mustafa Suleyman takes temporary leave, the spotlight swings around on the London-based artificial intelligence company that was a(...)

Boy George: his family tree reveals some interesting Irish branches on Who Do You Think You Are. Photograph: BBC

How to Get Rich Quick Monday, C4, 8.30pm Businessman Dave Fishwick – creator of Bank of Dave – attempts to teach people the money-making skills that h(...)

The original ‘Tomorrow’s World’ ran on BBC1 for almost 40 years.

The BBC has revived Tomorrow’s World, its science and technology television series, as a name for a wide range of new programmes in partnership with o(...)