Eva Milka

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 Founder of Gaelic Escargot Eva Milka at her home in Garryhill, Co Carlow. Photograph: Finbarr O’Rourke

Eva Milka began rearing snails with her partner in their one-bedroom apartment in Kilkenny, after eating them in France. “We couldn’t eat enough of t(...)

Eva Milka and Eoin Jenkinson of Gaelic Escargot, the snail farm and business they run in Co Carlow. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Carlow-based snail producer Eva Milka is actively seeking new premises to expand her business as demand for the product from locations including Dubai(...)

Mary Robinson’s snail plates sold for €70

“Let them eat cake”, Marie Antoinette, the last queen of France reputedly said when told her subjects were famished. Yesterday, [Tuesday, November 28t(...)

Snail farmer Eva Milka of Gaelic Escargot in Co Carlow. Photograph: Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland

A shortage of snails for consumption in European countries such as France, Italy and Spain, where they are viewed as a delicacy, is fuelling growth in(...)

Snail farmer Eva Milka of Gaelic Escargot

Snails are the enemy of the gardener, especially those who grow vegetables, and yet 270 people paid €100 to attend a conference taking place in Tullam(...)

National Organic Training Skillnets network manager Margaret O’Rourke Doherty said there are about 30 snail farms operating in Ireland and she expects that number to double next year

Aspiring snail farmers are being invited to attend a seminar on snail production in Co Offaly next month. Organised by National Organic Training Sk(...)

Local escargot aren’t something you see very often on Irish menus. But the tiny snails, reared by Eva Milka of Gaelic Escargot in Carlow, were the (...)

Eva Milka: “We decided to make a business out of it and got ¤15,000 from the Enterprise Ireland New Frontiers programme. Everyone thought we were mad, some still do.”

After returning from a holiday in France, where she developed a love for eating escargot, Eva Milka was very disappointed she couldn’t buy snails for (...)