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 Dr Eimear Dolan: looking to the next stage of the research

Irish researchers have made a breakthrough in robotics that could lead to better outcomes and treatments for patients requiring implanted devices – su(...)

An illustration of the ‘Therepi’ device on heart tissue. Photograph: Peter Allen/Harvard John A Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

An implantable device that can be directly attached to cardiac tissue and enables better targeting of treatments following heart attacks has been deve(...)

Our digestive system is a complex and mysterious place, home to about 100 trillion bacteria. Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

There are few feelings worse than being bloated. Most of us know that feeling; the expanding pressure in the abdomen, being choked by your waistband. (...)

An innovative soft robotic sleeve which can help a heart to beat has been developed by researchers including Dr Ellen Roche (above) of National University of Ireland Galway.

A Galway bioengineer has designed a heart pumping device that can help overcome heart failure. A gentle hug in the right place is all that is needed(...)