Garda forensics officer at the scene of the fire at a telecommunications  mast near Letterkenny hospital. Photograph: North West Newspix

What do problem gamblers and conspiracy theorists have in common? Both groups believe they can spot patterns in the chaos. For gamblers that can mean(...)

A woman walks her dog in front of graffiti saying ‘Stop 5G’ in London, UK. Concerns about the health impact of 5G have dogged its rollout from the start. Photograph: Justin Setterfield/Getty

The Communications Regulator has urged people to ignore misinformation linking coronavirus to 5G mobile networks following a large increase in the spr(...)

News production has become more sophisticated and as a consequence, disinformation can be more difficult to detect. Photograph: iStock

Do you all know the story of the Three Little Pigs? No, I mean the real story? Not that fairytale we’ve all been conned into believing, but the true (...)

When asked why they do not pay for online news, 53 per cent of Irish respondents say it is because news is available for free and 25 per cent believe it is not worth paying for. Photograph: Getty Images

If we take seriously the idea that journalism is essential for democracy then we need to challenge public attitudes towards paying for online news. Cu(...)

Facebook is now the primary driver of traffic to news websites, having overtaken Google for the first time last year.

More than half of Irish consumers now get their news from social media. This places Ireland in line with international trends, with the widespread use(...)