Davy Crockett

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David Crockett and his daughter Rebecca on their farm at Coshquin, which straddles the Border between Derry and Donegal.

Tributes have been paid to David Crockett, who died in an accident on his farm straddling the border between Derry and Donegal on Monday evening. Th(...)

Mark Cagney: Having exited his longtime role as host of Virgin Media’s television show Ireland AM, he has recently been popping up on Newstalk, in this instance as a stand-in for Ivan Yates. Photograph: Colin Keegan/Collins

With much of last week spent in expectation of the coming storm, intense speculation about its impact dominates conversation on the airwaves. There ar(...)

Observation car on an Amtrak train. Photograph: Julia Vallerga

Train travel in the US is well worth doing – if you have the time and the patience. To get from New York to Austin, Texas, a journey of more than 2,70(...)

David Crockett, whose farm at Coshquin Road straddles the Derry-Donegal border, on the Northern Irish side of his land. Photograph: Trevor McBride

When you ask Derry farmer David Crockett what Brexit might mean for him, the answer is clear.  “I won’t be able to turn left at the end of my la(...)

 Roddy Doyle: “It’s actually very easy to live privately here, particularly as you get older.” Photograph: Alan Betson

Roddy Doyle is nearly 60. It seems hardly credible. The “bald man with glasses”, as he describes himself, seems timeless, forever of Commitments age. (...)

Justin Comiskey and family on board the Irish Ferries’ ship the Oscar Wilde

Holidays should be about magic moments and, a few hours into my family’s trip from Dublin to Rome, one arrived. We asked for a tour of the bridge of (...)