Dragons’ Den, BBC, series 18: Dragons: Touker Suleyman, Sara Davies, Deborah Meaden, Tej Lalvani, andPeter Jones. Photograph: BBC, Andrew Farrington

Dragons’ Den is still on (Thursday, BBC1) which makes it a contender for longest running show on television after One Man and His Dog, Grey’s Anatomy (...)

Photograph: Getty

Remember the “hockey stick” graph? It featured in Al Gore’s 2006 documentary An Inconvenient Truth, revealing a spike in global temperatures over the (...)

Dolly Parton broke into song while getting the jab and adapted one of her best-known ballads. Photograph: Yui Mok/PA Wire

Dolly Parton has been inoculated by the Covid-19 vaccine she helped to fund. The country music star (75) broke into song while getting the jab and ad(...)

 Bumblebee on flower

For those who think there’s still time to save what’s left of the planet’s natural world, a 600-page report commissioned in the UK by Her Majesty’s Tr(...)

’I do as I’m told, then she quite literally throws the thing out onto the front lawn.’

Sorcha sighs for the seventh time in about the same number of minutes and I know I’m not going to get any sleep tonight until I ask her what’s wrong. (...)

British prime minister Boris Johnson watching a video address by Sir David Attenborough: “If we don’t act now, when will we act?” Photograph:  Stefan Rousseau

Climate change is “the biggest threat to security that modern humans have ever faced”, celebrated naturalist David Attenborough warned on Tuesday, as (...)

Demographers predict fertility rates will soon drop below 2.1 for the first time in history, falling below 1.7 by 2100.

Environmentalists have an irritating tendency to cast humans as environmental pests. David Attenborough falls into that category. “We are a plague on (...)

Reassurance in numbers; an oximeter reading of 97.

When the positive result landed it was no great surprise. The young adult in the house had already tested positive for Covid-19 – asymptomatic of cour(...)

Forthcoming legislation is expected to oblige water companies to monitor the levels of microplastics in drinking water. File photograph: iStock

The impact of plastic pollution in our oceans, on our coastlines, in our soils and ultimately in our food and water has become a hot topic for enviro(...)

Attenborough’s latest work shows the resilience of the natural world Photograph:  Gavin Thurston /Silverback Films

Take away the state-of-the-art drones and the gyro-stabilised 4K cameras from the BBC’s latest blue-chip natural history series, A Perfect Planet.&nbs(...)

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