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Parenting advice: 13 things to tell your 13-year-old. Photograph: iStock

Thirteen essential things various professionals want parents to tell their children as they enter their teens. 1. Teenage years can be shite and bril(...)

It’s the adults rather than the teenagers who need advice as a family navigates adolescence. Photograph: iStock

It’s the adults rather than the teenagers who need advice as a family navigates adolescence, according to Mark McDonnell, CEO of the Soar foundation. (...)

 Trust is the key to communicating with 13-year-olds. Photograph: iStock

“They won’t listen,” we parents fume about teenagers, while they rant about how adults “don’t understand”. Both sides are right – and wrong. Adults d(...)

The Safefood report shows that as a direct result of children experiencing changes in their sleep routine, 49 per cent are eating more unhealthy snacks or treats. Photograph: iStock

The ongoing coronavirus crisis has disrupted the sleeping patterns of many Irish children and led to an increase in their consumption of so-called jun(...)

Younger children need the reassurance of a calm environment in times of stress. Photograph: iStock

Rising anxiety levels and decreasing resilience among children has been a hot topic among professionals in recent years, with over-scheduled lives and(...)

While children are very good adjusters, the new norm is temporary and the old norm will return and we will have to readjust children back.

Here are seven tips from experts on how to support children through the continuing crisis, in the hope that they will be able to look back on this as (...)

The head of Ireland’s largest faculty of education has said schools will need to place a greater focus on the emotional health of children when they eventually reopen. Photograph: iStock

School closures have resulted in a sharp drop in demand for therapy and support from children with anxiety and mental health problems, according to pr(...)

Twenty-six per cent of 15-16-year-old students surveyed in Galway, Mayo and Roscommon said they had been drunk in the last month. Photograph: iStock

Iceland used to be top of the league that no country wants to win – scoring exceptionally highly on the teenage use of alcohol, tobacco and other drug(...)

One way of better managing your use of a smartphone is to leave it in another room before you go to bed. Photograph: Getty Images

Many of us joke about how we – or other family members or friends – are addicted to their smartphones. But, there is a serious side to this ubiquitous(...)

 Members of the wellbeing committee at  St Wolstan’s Community School in Celbridge, Co Kildare. They are   teachers Laura Gerraghty and Margaret Bennett, and pupils   Rosaleen Byrne (15), Codi Long (15), Swati Joshi (14) and Beth Corry (17). Photograph: Aidan Crawley

The wellbeing of Irish secondary school students decreases steadily from first year through to sixth, with girls suffering more of a decline than boys(...)

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