Clement Attlee

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Deceptively radical? Former US vice-president and now candidate for the presideny Joe Biden. Photograph: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

The Soviet Union used to alternate between bald leaders and ones with formidable hair. The US, which is seldom ruled by the smooth of pate, swings aro(...)

Judi Dench   tries her absolute best in ‘Red Joan’

Trevor Nunn’s cinematic career has – let us put this politely – failed to generate the same acclaim as his work for the theatre. It’s more than 30 yea(...)

Globally, the plant milk industry is estimated to be worth $16bn. Photograph: Getty Images

In the spring of 2018, New York was gripped by a sudden, very particular and, for some, calamitous food shortage. Gaps appeared on grocery shelves. Co(...)

Former Irish president Seán T O’Kelly greets then British prime minister Clement Attlee in Dublin in 1948. File photograph: The Irish Times

Clement Attlee, the Labour prime minister whose government founded the welfare state, looked after a child refugee who escaped from the Nazis in the m(...)

Brexit: “Central to politics is the picking of battles, and Britain has picked an all-absorbing one.” Photograph:  Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

The signatories of a recent letter to Theresa May must have daunted even that sceptic of the business lobby. The CBI, the Institute of Directors, the (...)

Cast adrift: British prime minister Theresa May with the chief operating officer of PD Ports, Jerry Hopkinson,   during a visit to Teesside on August 23rd.  Photograph: Scott Heppell/PA Wire

Cynical voters would not believe how often their leaders’ thoughts turn to legacy. Even gluttons for the trappings of power aspire to put their name t(...)

The burned-out shell of the Grenfell Tower block. “The right decry the “politicisation” of this human-made disaster, but to avoid talking about the politics of this calamity is like trying to understand rain without discussing weather, or illness without biology.” NIKLAS HALLE’N/AFP/Getty Images

Britain’s old order is crumbling. Those who sense this most acutely, such as the rightwing press, are its defenders. This week, The Sun was reduced to(...)

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn:  “Now is not the time to retreat, to run away or to give up.” Photograph: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn struck a defiant tone on Sunday, urging is party to unite following last week’s byelection defeat in Copeland, which ha(...)

‘Given the Irish are the oldest migrant group in British society, there is no obvious political or popular will to exclude them from the country.’ Photograph: iStock/Getty Images

We have been here before. This is the not the first time that the rash actions of a prime minister have raised the question of the future of Irish peo(...)

The first part of the 1937 letter written by Communist leader Mao Zedong to Clement Attlee of the Labour Party. Photograph: Sotheby’s/PA Wire

A 1937 letter written by Communist leader Mao Zedong to Clement Attlee of the Labour Party, later British prime minister, has gone under the hammer fo(...)

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