President Michael D Higgins and others at Epic, the Irish Emigration Museum, at the CHQ Building, Dublin: We should be proactive in sharing our positive migration story – the successes of the Irish diaspora and the flourishing diversity of a new Ireland. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Few nations on earth have been as marked by migration as Ireland over the past two centuries. Millions have left these shores and been scattered all a(...)

“There would be a Pandora’s box of symbolic issues, from flags to language,  that could require negotiation.”
How a united Ireland would work

With the spectre of a new hard Border haunting the island, the recently dormant question of Irish unity has received renewed attention. Unification wa(...)

“Theresa May’s ‘strong and stable’ will now join the long list of ironic British euphemisms.” Photograph: Simon Dawson/EPA

As it would often remind the rest of the world, Britain has for a very long time been what James Joyce once remarked that Ireland was not: a “logical (...)

The rush of UK citizens seeking Irish nationality in the wake of the Brexit referendum has caused concern to many. Writing in this paper, Christophe(...)

US President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia on Wednesday. Photograph: Victor  Blue/Bloomberg

1. Barack Obama calls Donald Trump a ‘homegrown demogogue’ US President Barack Obama raised the stakes in November’s presidential election into a d(...)

We live in unpredictable times, but Irish people could be forgiven for thinking recent reports that Ian Paisley jnr was encouraging his constituents (...)

Sean Phelan: ‘The Irish State remains tied to an electoral system that cannot deal with the simple fact that people move between Ireland and elsewhere.’ Photograph: Thinkstock

At the heart of the question of whether Irish emigrants should be given the right to vote is recognising that we live in a time where people and thing(...)

Conflicting emotions: the emotional pull is strong, but there are sensible reasons to stay away. Photograph: Peter Walton/Getty

As Irish politics returns to its boom-era totems of lower taxes and higher spending, the Taoiseach has recently commented said that emigrants had b(...)