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The drop in heroin use follows younger people witnessing the damage the drug inflicted on previous generations creating a negative image, the research said. Photograph: iStock

There has been a near complete drop in the number of young people addicted to heroin compared to the height of the drug epidemic which gripped inner c(...)

A new report notes a surge in cannabis-related admissions to general and psychiatric hospitals  from 2008 to 2016. File photograph: David Bebber/Reuters

Cannabis-related admissions to general and psychiatric hospitals increased by 90 per cent and 185 per cent respectively from 2008 to 2016, coinciding (...)

Parents are being urged to discuss the risks of drinking with teens ahead of the released of Junior Cert results. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Parents are being urged to have open conversations with their teens over the risks of drinking alcohol ahead of the release of the Junior Cert results(...)

Plants at a medical cannabis company in Israel. Photograph: Amir Cohen/File Photo/Reuters

Ireland is “sleepwalking” into the legalisation of cannabis on the back of a campaign of misinformation about the drug, according to doctors who have (...)

Brian Wall, guidance counsellor St Mary’s Secondary School, Rathmines, Dublin, and Marion Rackard, project manager with the HSE Alcohol Programme, at the launch of Alcohol and Drugs: A Parent’s Guide. Photograph: Cyril Byrne/The Irish Times

Teenagers who receive parental permission to drink alcohol are far more likely to suffer harm, a leading child psychiatrist has said. Dr Bobby Smyth(...)

The Irish consumer can spend as little as 50 cent for beer and cider while the price of a single standard gin drink is 60 cent, according to a pricing survey by Alcohol Action Ireland.

Alcohol in Ireland now costs so little that a woman can consume enough to damage her health by spending just €5.50 a week while a “fatal” amount can b(...)

Dr Bobby Smyth: said similar findings had been made in other countries where bans were introduced. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons/The Irish Times

Consumption of so-called legal highs fell sharply after a Government crackdown on “head shops” that sold them, new research indicates. There was a (...)

Prof Ella Arensman of  the National Suicide Research Foundation said that consistently over the past five years, there had been peaks in the number of people at emergency departments having self-harmed after consuming alcohol over public holidays. Photograph: David Sleator

The peak times for people turning up in hospital emergency departments suffering from self- harm after drinking large volumes of alcohol tend to be(...)

Alcohol is a poor resource in helping us to cope with stress or unhappiness. Indeed, far from drowning our sorrows, it may ‘teach them how to swim’. Photograph: PA

There has been much debate and discussion in Ireland recently about intoxicating substances and our relationship with them. In the past few days atten(...)

The trend towards “prinks” – pre-drinks – by young people at home before a function is another example of denial, says sociologist Dr Mark Garavan. Photograph: Eric Luke

Use of words such as craic and “prinks” (pre-drinks) shows a level of denial and dysfunctionality around our approach to alcohol, a conference in Galw(...)

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