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PSNI officers conduct searches in the Bogside area of Derry on Friday. Photograph: Brian Lawless/PA Wire

The past few weeks in Northern Ireland reminded me of Sherlock Holmes’s comment about the importance of the “observation of trifles”. On the surface t(...)

Michelle O’Neill of Sinn Féin and Arlene Foster of the DUP: “We have ongoing conflict stalemate rather than conflict resolution, and how could it be otherwise when we don’t agree on the constitutional future?” File photographs: Getty Images

It’s now 20 years since David Trimble - and two minor unionist parties - entered the talks process that led to the Belfast Agreement. Everyone was pre(...)

Many unionists will vote for the union come hell or high water, but increasing numbers   will now take a more measured, nuanced position. They will want solid answers to some very difficult questions. Photograph:  Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

Sinn Féin MEP Matt Carthy is correct (Irish Times, April 4th), I am an “unashamed, unambiguous, unembarrassed unionist”. But I’m also a unionist who h(...)

The British cultural identity of many people in the North can and must be accommodated and given expression in any united Ireland. This may involve wide-ranging constitutional change. Photograph: Russell Cheyne/Reuters

Last January, Sinn Féin held the first in a series of united Ireland conferences in Dublin’s Mansion House. Among the excellent presentations was a (...)

Parliament Buildings, Stormont. An idea in circulation is ‘joint authority’, which the SDLP endorsed in recent weeks as an alternative to direct rule from London. Photograph: Paul Faith/AFP/Getty Images

Last Friday, British prime minister Theresa May went to Glasgow to affirm fidelity to an idea that has seldom looked shakier. Rejectin(...)

Opinion polls carried out in Northern Ireland in recent months suggest a majority of 53-55 per cent in favour of staying in the EU, with nationalists more likely than unionists to vote to remain. The SDLP and Sinn Féin are on side of remaining.

Kinley Tener’s family is split down the middle. His father is adamant that he will vote to leave the European Union. But his younger brother, who work(...)

DUP Assembly member Emma Pengelly has been appointed a junior Minister in the Northern Executive. Photograph: Twitter

DUP Assembly member Emma Pengelly has been appointed a junior Minister in the Northern Executive - just four weeks after she was co-opted as the MLA f(...)

Naomi Long: “I’m quite happy to start as the underdog.” Photograph: The Irish Times

The TUV hate the DUP And say they’re weak and wrong Yet they’ll help them out in East Belfast, Just to clobber Naomi Long. Commentator and columnis(...)