A few employers have tried the four-day week, lured by research suggesting shorter weeks can make people less ill, less mistake-prone and more productive. Photograph: Getty Images

LinkedIn is an exhausting place to visit as a rule. It attracts an inordinate number of people who are excited, pumped, psyched and stoked, usually be(...)

The sole winning Irish entry to the Wellcome Image Awards for 2017. Over an eight-week period, 92,915 tweets were collected to study the communication of #breastcancer. This graph shows how Twitter users, each represented by a dot called a node, are connected through their retweeting and sharing of this hashtag. Computer analysis has been used to convert this 3D data into a 2D pattern. Credit: Eric Clarke, Richard Arnett, Jane Burns, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

A graphical interpretation of Twitter posts about breast cancer is among the 22 finalists in the 2017 Wellcome Image Awards. The graphic visualisatio(...)

University College Cork, where Dr Robert Ryan used to be  based. Dr Ryan is under investigation amid claims he falsified research. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh

A Scottish-based scientist who was awarded grants worth almost €500,000 from Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) is under investigation amid allegations (...)

Minister for Research and Innovation Damien English: “Absolutely convinced” that investment in research was important for Ireland. Photograph: The Irish Times

Ireland needs to recruit internationally recognised scientific “stars” to help grow our research ecosystem. They help build reputation but also suppor(...)

Minister of State  Damien English, who said the funding would help to “boost Ireland’s biomedical research credentials”. Photograph: Alan Betson / The Irish Times

Dick Ahlstrom Science Editor The UK-based Wellcome Trust has renewed its partnership with Science Foundation Ireland and the Health Research Board to (...)

‘Blood Vessels’ by Charlie Murphy

A new exhibition at Dublin’s Science Gallery is tapping into a challenging vein. It is called Blood, and it lives up to its subtitle, Not for the F(...)

Trinity College Dublin: as part of the Psychiatric Genomics  Consortium, it has found 108 locations in the genome associated with schizophrenia. Photograph: Frank Miller

An international scientific collaboration has found 108 locations in the human genome associated with schizophrenia. Trinity College Dublin was a sig(...)

Scientists in the UK and Ireland have grown a large number of red blood cells in the laboratory, using stem cells, and are preparing to test them in human trials.

Scientists in the UK and Ireland have successfully used stem cells to grow large numbers of red blood cells in the laboratory and are now preparing(...)

Grants are being provided next year to encourage more women with science degrees to remain in research or return to it after a break or career pause. (...)