Elon Musk was fined by the SEC in 2018. Why? Photograph: Justin Chin/Bloomberg

1. What was the name of the Microsoft cofounder who died in October 2018? 2. On January 8th, Oath will officially change its name. What will it be kn(...)

Independent TD Mick Wallace: ‘A message was passed on to me from a leading member of Cerberus Ireland that I was going to get sorted.’ Photograph: Eric Luke

Independent TD Mick Wallace has claimed he was threatened with being “sorted” by investment firm Cerberus for making allegations in the Dáil about th(...)

  ‘Now why would they say that if I was telling the truth?’ Independent TD Mick Wallaceasked Taoiseach Enda Kenny. Photograph: Eric Luke / The Irish Times

Mick Wallace has claimed a representative of investment firm Cerberus told him he was “going to get sorted” for making allegations in the Dáil about i(...)

The Chinese company behind the potential acquisition of an Irish aircraft leasing firm has moved to deny reports the deal has been valued at €12 bill(...)

 Barclays Plc company’s headquarters in the Canary Wharf, London. US authorities could demand unrestricted access to internal messages and trading books at Barclays in London, Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt and Société Générale in Paris.

US regulators are demanding the right to probe books, records and emails at the headquarters of Europe’s biggest financial groups, prompting deep EU u(...)