Keep moving – but within the 2km restrictions

Taking an extra 4,000 steps a day might reduce our risk of dying prematurely, even if those steps are not swift, according to a large-scale new study (...)

Moderate coffee drinking – three to five cups a day – has proven health benefits. Photograph: iStock

We’ve come a long way as coffee drinkers, with our oat milk lattes, cold brews and Frappuccinos. Some of us are still very utilitarian about the drink(...)

Previous studies have suggested that statins, which are used to reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke and heart disease, could have a role in slowing down the growth of different types of cancers. Photograph: iStock

Men taking cholesterol-lowering drugs may have a reduced risk of developing a more lethal form of prostate cancer, new Irish research suggests. Men w(...)

Former Blue Peter and Sky Sports presenter Simon Thomas, whose wife died in 2017. After her death, Thomas recorded his feelings on his blog, A Grief Shared. That in turn led him to write Love Interrupted. Photograph:  Shirlaine Forrest/Getty Images

“At a quarter to six on a bright, cold November evening, after what had felt like the longest day of my life, my world fell apart.” That’s how former (...)

Barbecue fish, seafood, poultry or plant-based foods rather than red meat and especially processed meats like hot dogs; the World Health Organisation considers processed meats a carcinogen and red meat a probable carcinogen. Photograph: iStock

Many people would be surprised to hear that barbecuing carries potential cancer risks. But each year, the American Institute for Cancer Research publi(...)

Getting active in midlife could be as good for you as starting young when it comes to reducing the risk of an early death, researchers have suggested.(...)

France has one of the lowest rates of uptake of the HPV vaccination in Europe, due to ‘unfounded rumours’ around its safety, says Dr Elisabete Weiderpass. Photograph:  Matthew Busch/Washington Post/Getty Images

France is launching a campaign of systematic screening for the human papillomavirus (HPV), which causes cervical cancer. The country is also stepping (...)

Drugs that activate the immune system to fight cancer have brought remarkable recoveries to many people in recent years. But one of those drugs seems(...)

Bari Brooks, who received four chemotherapy treatments, six weeks of radiation and five years of hormone-blocking therapy for a study on breast cancer, in White House, Tennessee. Photograph: William DeShazer/The New York Times

Many women with early-stage breast cancer who would receive chemotherapy under current standards do not actually need it, according to a major interna(...)

A cervical cancer cell. According to the US National Cancer Institute, “for women age 30 and older, pap and HPV co-testing is less likely to miss an abnormality than pap testing alone”.

Testing standards specified by the HSE for its cervical cancer services are lower than those used in the US, according to a pathologist working with t(...)

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