Garda management has been informed no supplementary budget will be provided this year to cover overruns. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris must get guaranteed three-year budgets to ensure that he is better able to plan reforms and give him greater freedom to(...)

Cities that have introduced congestion charging have seen tangible improvements in terms of reduced traffic and better air quality.  Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

The establishment of the Irish Government Economic and Evaluation Service has increased the analytic capacity within the Departments of Finance and of(...)

Better policymaking

Two of the worst economic decisions taken by Irish governments in the past decade were decentralisation of the public service, and the benchmar(...)

A conference being held today in Dublin, “Future Directions for the Irish Economy” (organised by the European Commission and Trinity College Dublin),(...)

There is increasing acceptance in modern democracies that policymaking should be based on verifiable and robust evidence, rather than on past p(...)