It has been a perennial bugbear of workers here that tax cuts announced in the budget are often eroded by the Government’s decision to keep tax bands and credits unchanged from the previous year

Inflation-proofing tax and welfare changes in the budget would cost the Government an additional €1.2 billion, a new study has indicated. As Eoin Burk(...)

The Panama Papers reporting grew out of a trove of files leaked from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca. Photograph: Getty Images

Nearly a fifth of countries in which the Panama Papers investigation was reported saw at least one instance of concrete reform, researchers from the U(...)

23 per cent of people said The Irish Times was their top source of online news

Irish people under the age of 35 are more likely to pay for online news , according to the latest Oxford Reuters Digital News Report published today. (...)

Facebook and other companies obdurately resisted any suggestion they were anything other than neutral providers of a technical service. Now they exhibit a grudging acknowledgment they are in effect media companies. Photograph: Lauren Hurley/PA Wire

When Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald and her colleagues consider the submissions made to her review of the 2009 Defamation Act, they surely ca(...)

The Digital News Report 2016 (Ireland) indicates we have the highest level of primarily digital consumers and of mixed traditional and digital consumers, putting Ireland before the US, UK and Australia in digital enthusiasm. Photograph: Getty Images

Irish people are moving more quickly from traditional to digital news than consumers in any other English-speaking country, according to a new report (...)

Facebook is playing an increasingly significant role in the distribution of online news, with 44 per cent of people using it as their source of news

Social media has emerged as a leading distributor of news among online users who increasingly access it on their smartphones, a thinktank said on Wedn(...)

Alan Rusbridger: “We all currently do our journalism in the teeth of a force 12 digital hurricane,” Photograph: Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Alan Rusbridger has resigned from the trust that owns the Guardian after other directors raised concerns about his continuing influence at the lossma(...)

During the first RTÉ debate of the campaign, 69,000 tweets were sent, turning #LeadersDebate into the number two trending topic on Twitter worldwide. Photograph: Alan Place/FusionShooters

It’s hard not to romanticise election campaigns of old. They seemed tactile beyond measure, with candidates knocking on endless doors and pressing unt(...)

Mountain peaks in the Bernese Alps protrude above a hazy layer of air as scientists have uncovered strong evidence that beginning in the 1860s, soot sent into the air by a rapidly industrialising Europe caused the abrupt retreat of mountain glaciers in the European Alps. Photograph: University of Colorado/PA Wire

Top climate scientists will blame mankind more clearly than ever for global warming next week but may struggle to drive home the message in a report t(...)