From 2011 through 2015, 114 jump-racing jockeys and 100 flat-racing jockeys held professional racing licences in Ireland. For each year, on average, jump-racing saw 849 falls in 17,110 rides with 173 injuries

Our centuries-long interactions with horses include their use as agricultural and commercial aides, and companions for sport, leisure and – as Riding (...)

A reconstruction of a Neanderthal man at a museum in Halle, Germany. We now know that Neanderthals are our closest ancestor and probably interbred with humans. File photograph: Sebastian Willnow/AFP/Getty Images

When you imagine a Neanderthal you probably think of the classic image of the “cave man”: heavy brow, monkey-like face, stooping posture, shaggy hair,(...)

Many students give up sport in the lead-up to the Leaving Cert.

The cardiovascular health of some inactive 15-year-olds is comparable to that of 55 to 60-year-olds, new research has found. Prof Niall Moyna of Dubl(...)

Former president Mary McAleese speaking at the 30% Club conference in Dublin Castle. Photograph: Naoise Culhane

The 30% Club Ireland, an organisation that promotes better gender balance throughout Irish businesses, has made Mary McAleese and Martin McAleese its (...)

A study into the implications of longer working lives says employers will need to invest in redesigning offices or factory floors to allow older workers to thrive for longer. Photograph: Getty Images

Irish employers will need to make their workplaces more “age-friendly” to accommodate greater numbers of workers aged over 65 , according to new resea(...)

 The Printworks is  close to Bray  town centre, with easy access to  Dart and bus services. Photograph: Karl Hussey

Nine two-bedroom apartments at the 2006 Printworks scheme in Bray are available in one lot at more than €1.55 million – that’s an average of €172,000 (...)

The Government has today appointed   Dr Vicky Conway to the Policing Authority.

Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan has announced two new appointments to the Policing Authority, the agency that oversees the performance of An Gar(...)

Dr Anne Looney, executive dean at DCU, said: ‘Now ISL gets its full recognition, and equal status as a path to primary teaching’

Deaf people will have the opportunity to become primary-school teachers for students with hearing impairments under a new teaching degree. The new Ba(...)

UK airlines account for a relatively small proportion of the overall aircraft leasing market, so negative fallout from Brexit, while unwanted, should not significantly impact lessors. Photograph: iStock

The UK has the largest aviation network in Europe and the third-largest in the world, after the US and China. Under the EU’s common rules for aviation(...)

Artist’s impression showing how    a very distant quasar powered by a supermassive black hole may look close up. Photograph: PA

The sequence of events leading to the creation of massive black holes in the universe has been discovered by astrophysicists including two researchers(...)

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