The UK joining the TPP would reinvigorate the body after the exit of the US last year. Photograph: iStock

The UK has held informal talks about joining a flagship Pacific trade group, in an audacious bid to kick-start exports after Brexit. The proposal, (...)

British FDI: An examination by the Financial Times of case studies cited by the UK’s  Department for International Trade in a  press release shows that many projects were announced long before the Brexit vote. Photograph: Bloomberg

British trade secretary Liam Fox’s department reheated several previously announced schemes when it claimed to have brought in £16 billion of foreign (...)

“Customs checks on the land Border with the Republic” are inevitable after Brexit, according to the Nevin Economic Research Institute.

Northern Ireland would not benefit from staying in the EU single market if the rest of the UK leaves, according to an analysis from the Nevin Economic(...)

Financial help will go to countries that Britain will need on its side as it seeks to re-establish trading rights at the World Trade Organisation. Photograph: iStock

The United Kingdom is planning to use its international aid budget of £12 billion (€13.3 billion) to win friends among the world’s poorest countries a(...)