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Symfonisk table lamp

Christmas is fast approaching, and circumstances this year mean we all have to be a little more organised. If you have some gaps on your gift list, we(...)

The Withings BPM Core is a three-in-one device.

Withings BPM Core €250 Withings knows about health monitoring. The company has a string of devices that keep a close watch on everything from your act(...)

The Withings device is easy to use

There was a time when a weighing scales was just a weighing scales. It was something you occasionally stood on, after brushing the dust off it, noted (...)

Withings ScanWatch: has a traditional watchface and long battery life and adds some new sensors and a rechargeable battery.

Smartwatches aren’t for everyone. Unlike regular watches, they need charging, they’re not cheap and a couple of years down the line you might be looki(...)

Withings Scan Watch: Your steps and other data is displayed in a small screen set into the watch face.

Withings Scan Watch (€280) Withings has been quietly turning out activity trackers with one big advantage: they don’t need to be charged. They rely i(...)

The Withings ScanWatch starts from €250

It’s hard to be a smartwatch in an Apple-focused world. But Withings’ latest product, ScanWatch offers something the Apple device doesn’t yet – it mon(...)

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Still on the hunt for a few Christmas gifts? If you are considering a fitness tracker, here are five to take a look at. Fitbit Charge 3 €119 (on sal(...)

This is an exciting time for home sensors and wearables designed to aid medical diagnostics. French digital health company Withings has announced its (...)

In 2016 Nokia purchased and absorbed the smart scales and other Withings trackers

French tech company Withings is back in the wearables game after buying back their connected health business from Nokia. In 2016 Nokia purchased and a(...)

The Activite Steel is the latest version of the device, bringing premium stainless steel finish to the watch

Withings Activite Steel, €170 The Withings Activite made wearable fitness trackers actually wearable. The silicon bands are all very well for casual (...)

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