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In Ireland, HPV infection caused up to 420 cancer cases each year between 2010 and 2014, with as many as 130 dying each year from HPV-related cancers. Photograph: Matthew Busch

More than four in five people believe they are unlikely to have ever had human papillomavirus (HPV), despite the vast majority of sexually active adul(...)

Identigen’s technology combines DNA and data analytics to provide farm-to-table tracing on animals and meat

The founders of food safety business Identigen are the big winners from the sale of the business to the animal health division of US drug giant MSD. (...)

Pharma giant MSD has agreed to buy Takeda’s state-of-the-art biologics plant in Dunboyne, Co Meath, where around 200 workers are currently employed

Pharma giant MSD has agreed to buy a state-of-the-art biologics plant in Dunboyne, Co Meath, where around 200 workers are currently employed. The dea(...)

  Cancer patient Maria Waters requires a drug that is not licensed in the State for the treatment of   head and neck cancer. Photograph:    Nick Bradshaw

The husband of a woman with stage four cancer has called on pharma company MSD to provide her with a €40,000 course of vital drugs on compassionate gr(...)

 Maria Waters: she  has been advised by three consultants that Pembro is the best course of treatment for her cancer. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

The husband of a cancer patient has written to Irish medicines regulators urging them to act quickly on approving a drug that will treat her head and (...)

 A security guard stands in front of a  shopping zone  in Guangzhou, China, amid the coronavirus outbreak. Photograph: Alex Plavevski/EPA

A host of commentators have referred to the coronavirus outbreak as a black swan event for markets. Is it? A black swan event is meant to be unforese(...)

Ger Brennan, who trained as a nurse, was keen to merge his medical interest with sales. After ‘a hundred PFOs’ applying to be a medical rep he landed a contract job with Bayer

Brexit doesn’t worry Ger Brennan. It’s a startling take from an industry leader, given how much the relentless uncertainty over the manner of the even(...)

Rita Saadeh, MSD’s business unit director, Lebanon; Mauricio Campos Suarez, MSD’s head of IT and digital innovation, EEMEA; Portable Medical Technology chief executive Eoin O’Carroll; and Janine Shahwan, MSD’s digital and innovation lead, Levant.

A Kerry-based medtech company is eyeing opportunities in the Middle East after partnering with pharma giant MSD on a one-year project to develop and l(...)

The homepage of the web site.

Pharmaceutical giant MSD has apologised for posting incorrect data about payments to Irish doctors online. The company says it appears errors were ma(...)

Eileen O’Sullivan:  diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in 2013

Ireland’s new online safety tsar should target anti-vaccination activists spreading misinformation on social media, the president of the National Asso(...)

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