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Caterina Fake is a Silicon Valley veteran, Flickr co-founder, and investor with AI-focused VC firm Yes VC. She is also the host of this recently-launc(...)

Caleb Harper,  director of the Open Agriculture (OpenAG) Initiative at the MIT Media Lab: ‘We need to know more about what we put in our bodies’

Caleb Harper didn’t start out with the intention of revolutionising the food industry and building an army of “nerd farmers”. In fact, despite a famil(...)

The DuoSkin can be programmed to change colour depending on the wearer’s change in temperature or emotion.

Flash tattoos – temporary tattoos resembling jewellery and made from gold leaf – have been popularised by Beyoncé but Microsoft and the Massachusetts (...)

Pepper humanoids from Japan’s Softbank: robots are likely to aid rather than replace healthcare professionals. Photograph: Yoshikazu Tsuno/AFP/Getty

Green-eyed, diminutive and chatty, Pepper takes a break from his tireless singing and dancing: “You guys seem to be foreigners – where are you from?” (...)

Dr Naira Hovakimyan of the University of Illinois with a small drone that may eventually be able to carry out household tasks, like retrieving a bottle of medicine, for older adults. Photograph: Daniel Acker/The New York Times

The ranks of older and frail adults are growing rapidly in the developed world, raising alarms about how society is going to help them take care of th(...)

Every day many of us share our photos, thoughts and feelings with friends, acquaintances and in some cases the wider internet public. But what about s(...)

Lumafit is set to take the fitness tracker market on, with a Kickstarter campaign beginning next week.

Amid increasing attention on wearable technology there’s a new fitness tracker heading for the market, and it’s made by an Irish firm. Lumafit (...)

“There is LinkedIn Today, a news hub, and Influencers, a space where executives, entrepreneurs and thinkers, from Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase and Meg Whitman at Hewlett-Packard to Arianna Huffington (above), Pete Cashmore of Mashable and Joi Ito at the MIT Media Lab, blog about pretty much whatever they want.” Photograph: Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Last week I was invited to a summer party. When you work in my workplace, you have the good fortune to be invited to a lot of them. Some are better th(...)