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Global benefits consultancy Mercer has proposed that Irish pension savers should be allowed access to their retirement pots as they face a short-term cash squeeze in the Covid-19 crisis. Photograph: Getty Images/iStock

Pension savers should be allowed access to their retirement pots as they face a short-term cash squeeze in the coronavirus crisis, benefits consultant(...)

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Pension deficits across publicly-quoted Irish companies steadied last year on the back of a strong performance in global equity markets toward the end(...)

“Pension providers are often seen as old-fashioned and off-putting to younger people. There is plenty of scope for pension providers to change that perception. Photograph: iStock

Pension coverage remains stubbornly low in Ireland. According to the latest statistics from the CSO, only 56 per cent of workers in Ireland had supple(...)

“A lot of people who are not engaged with investments are engaged with climate change and are more likely to put money into a fund that is aligned with that.” Photograph: iStock
Investing in a virtuous pension

No one really wants to think their pension fund is invested in the global arms industry or in companies notorious from profiting from child labour or (...)

“Infrastructure is a very long-term investment and is a good match for pension funds.” Photograph: iStock
Banking on infrastructure

Investments in roads, rail, water, power and other utilities are growing in popularity among pension trustees and fund managers. The long-term and qui(...)

“With the State retirement age being pushed out to 68 and the pension worth only €3,000 a year, most people won’t be able to rely on it to replace their income when they retire.” Photograph: iStock

Here’s an interesting proposition. Imagine if someone said to you that for an investment of €25,200 they could give you €215,400 back. Yes, that’s a m(...)

The European Commission reported in 2014 that Ireland had an average gender pay gap of 13.9 per cent, which compared relatively favourably with the EU average of 16.7 per cent. #PayMeToo as a new campaign to close the wage gap between men and women. Photograph: iStock
Closing the gender pay gap

According to the HR professional body CIPD, the gender pay gap in Ireland – the differential between the average pay of males and females within an or(...)

“People are afraid to come out and say anything about their mental health. They are often afraid to be perceived as weak.” Photograph: iStock

Ireland has one of the highest rates of mental-health illness in Europe, with estimates that one in four of us will experience some mental-health prob(...)

Should responsibility for diversity and inclusion come from HR, C-suites or the employees themselves? Photograph: iStock
Who has responsibility for D&I?

There’s obviously a wider organisational responsibility to promote and achieve diversity and inclusion but who should be responsible for making it an (...)

D&I technology can help remove bias from people decisions across the talent continuum including talent acquisition, development and advancement, engagement and retention, and analytics

In May last year Starbucks shut down more than 8,000 of its US outlets to deliver a workshop on discrimination and unconscious bias to more than 175,0(...)

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