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A number of ‘patent troll’ companies share directors and the same address in Dublin.

A subsidiary of LG Electronics recently sold more than 100 US patents to an Irish-headquartered companythat has issued a wave of multimillion-dollar (...)

LG Electronics’  company’s headquarters in Seoul. Photograph:  Jung Yeon-Je/AFP via Getty Images

Fans of LG Electronics smartphones rued the loss of more affordable Android-based devices after the South Korean tech company said on Monday it would (...)

Neodrón’s patents enable capacitive touch sensor and controller functionality for smartphones and other devices. Photograph: iStock

Controversial Irish patent-holding company Neodrón has reached a multimillion dollar settlement with 10 of the world’s largest consumer electronics gi(...)

US president Donald Trump. Photograph: Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty Images

Stock futures wobbled and commodities fell on Wednesday after US president Donald Trump threw a last-minute spanner into pandemic relief plans, altho(...)

Workers dismantling the Mercedes stand at the Geneva International Motor Show, which has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Photograph: AFP

One of the car industry’s marquee events fell victim to the coronavirus epidemic, with organisers of the Geneva International Motor Show pulling the p(...)

Park Jung-ho, CEO of SK Telecom, attends a launching ceremony for its 5G service, in Seoul, South Korea. Photograph: Kim Hong-Ji/Reuters

South Korea will become the first country to commercially launch fifth-generation (5G) services on Friday as it rolls out the latest wireless technol(...)

A couple sits inside the Renault prototype Symbioz

Renault hasn’t just built a concept car for the Frankfurt motor show, it has built and entire house, into which that concept car is integrated. Called(...)

Samsung’s preliminary operating income rose to 14 trillion won ($12 billion) in the three months ended June. Photograph: iStock

Samsung Electronics heads into the latter half of 2017 with record quarterly earnings under its belt, hoping to sustain that momentum as Apple prepare(...)

Photograph: iStock

The next frontier in digital advertising may be your car’s windscreen. Carmakers, technology companies and glass manufacturers are teaming up to turn(...)

Ford drivers will be able to ask Alexa to do things such as read the weather forecast or play music, and they can turn on engines from inside their homes. Photograph: Reuters

Ford has become the first car company to embed Amazon’s voice-activated digital assistant in its cars, as hardware makers of all types rush to make th(...)

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