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Graphical representation of Hera approaching the surface of the asteroid Didymos.

Sixty-six million years ago, the dinosaurs became extinct after an asteroid hit Earth. The desire to prevent humans suffering a similar fate underpins(...)

Hera will go alongside Nasa’s DART spacecraft, in what will be humankind’s first probe to rendezvous with a binary asteroid system called Didymos

Irish company InnaLabs is part of a consortium that has been awarded a €129.4 million contract to launch a satellite to support deep-space navigation.(...)

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, lunar module pilot for Apollo 11, on the moon on July 21st,1969. Photograph: Neil Armstrong/Nasa/via Reuters

When Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon on July 21st, 1969, about 600 million people watched the culmination of a frenetic few years at Nasa, racing (...)

Tech entrepreneur Pat Phelan: “We couldn’t find enough opportunities even though we looked at 114 start-ups.”

Enterprise Ireland (EI) has come under fire from serial tech entrepreneur Pat Phelan for spending millions on seeding foreign start-ups and assisting (...)

The eye of Hurricane Arthur is seen over the Atlantic in this photo from the International Space Station. Photograph: Reuters

A new strategy to set out how the Republic can maximise the benefit of its investment in the European Space Agency (ESA) and the EU’s flagship space p(...)

While Ireland might not initially appear as a hub for space technology, more than 60 companies have contracts with ESA

Irish technology company InnaLabs has secured a €2.6 million contract with the European Space Agency (ESA) less than a year after it received a near €(...)

 Katerina Duke, founder of  Áine NutriScience: “Our system makes feeding simple, accessible, interactive, comprehensive, and reflective of an individual farm’s needs, conditions and requirements.”

 The inspiration for Katerina Duke’s start-up company, Áine NutriScience, came from her mother, Anna, a retired professor of animal nutrition and(...)

Almost a dozen Irish companies travelled to the European Space Research and Technology Centre in the Netherlands on Monday

Three Irish companies have won contracts with the European Space Agency to develop satellite technology and communications systems. Almost a dozen Ir(...)