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Residents at the direct provision centre in Glounthaune, Co Cork, claim most meals are being thrown away ‘due to the low standard’ and accused the centre of serving burned food and using old oil for cooking. File photograph: Nick Bradshaw

A group of direct provision residents in Co Cork have started refusing to eat meals prepared in the centre, saying the food is not nutritious enough f(...)

The Doras report criticises the State for failing to initially consider people in direct provision in its Covid-19 response, noting that residents continue to share bedrooms and communal facilities. Photograph: Alan Betson

Mental-health supports and services are urgently needed for vulnerable people who continue to live in direct provision while the Government lays out p(...)

Balseskin reception centre. Photograph: Google Street View

A direct provision centre put a resident out of his accommodation rather than phone for an ambulance when the man sought mental health support, the Dá(...)

 The Department of Justice announced that all direct-provision centres had been asked to “generate a self-isolation capability” for use by persons suspected to have contracted coronavirus. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh

An “off-site self-isolation facility” for asylum seekers suspected of contracting coronavirus is to be piloted as part of a range of measures to try a(...)

Tuna poké: a Hawaiian dish coming to a restaurant near you

Modern food moves at a bewildering pace. Where once, influences from star chefs would disseminate slowly and new products could take years to establis(...)

Make mine lager: liking something that doesn’t blast your palette to pieces or put you to sleep is cool again

Lagers are a bit uncool – or certainly have been since the whole craft beer thing started. Now, that’s starting to change with Irish microbreweries wi(...)

The HSE said there was no prohibition of any kind on GPs providing the information if they had it. Photograph:Tek Image/Science Photo Library

A reader contacted us with an interesting query in connection with blood. She needs to know what blood type she is ahead of a trip to a hazardous part(...)

Craft beer  encourages a more appreciative approach to drinking

One of the reasons that I love craft beer is that it encourages a more appreciative approach to drinking. Trying something new or a little different (...)

The Microbrewed in Ireland and Independent Craft Brewers of Ireland (ICBI) logos that many Irish microbreweries carry on their bottles or websites

Big breweries, it seems, are getting very nervous about the growth of craft beer. In the beginning, it all looked like a fad – was there really a mar(...)

“Porndog  encapsulates many food and restaurant trends in Dublin that need to just go to their bedroom and think about what they’ve done.”

Recently, a mob arrived at a cafe in east London in a protest against gentrification. The Cereal Killer Cafe has been an object of derision since its (...)

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