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Depending on which group of experts you refer to for your calculations, 30 minutes of Netflix amounts to driving between .5 and 4 miles in terms of CO2 emissions. Photograph: Gabby Jones/Bloomberg

If someone told me a month ago that the name on everybody’s lips is going to be Joe Exotic, I would have been understandably confused. But it’s true: (...)

  Alphabet-owned AI company DeepMind’s  AlphaZero system  taught itself to outwit DeepMind’s own specialised system for playing Go.

Last year the Alphabet-owned AI company DeepMind revealed to the world a system called AlphaZero that taught itself to outwit DeepMind’s own specialis(...)

Quantum machines, which tap into the weirdness of quantum mechanics – a branch of physics that deals with the behaviour of sub-atomic particles – are a long-held dream in the tech world. Illustration: Maciej Frolow/Getty Images

As a keen player of the board game Go, Mark Griswold was enthralled by the 2016 contest between the world’s top player and a computer – a milestone in(...)

Customers’ data provides valuable information, which can be used to make those customers more profitable. Whether it is targeted advertising, or a customised news feed, our data are manipulated to keep us loyal to service providers or to tempt us to spend money.

The boss of Telefónica put forward an interesting proposal at a recent breakfast at the Financial Times’ offices in London. Customers, José María Álva(...)

Big data: why are projects involving sensitive data so poorly thought through?

Along with financial records and accounts, personal health and medical information comprise the most sensitive, exploitable data associated with an in(...)

AI company DeepMind – acquired by Google in 2014 – made headlines last year when its neural network named AlphaGo beat a human player at the ancient C(...)

French president François Hollande shakes hands with Cybedroid robot Leenby at the Élysée Palace in Paris during the Viva Technology conference. Photograph: Michel Euler/AFP/Getty Images

Futurology, futurism and future studies all vary considerably in meaning, depending on who you ask. In reality they’re all about as different as the P(...)

A range of business and academic figures defend technological innovation as historically precedented and socially progressive. Photograph: Getty Images

Johann Rupert, head of the powerful Richemont luxury goods company whose brands include Cartier, Piaget and Dunhill, takes a bleak view of how the new(...)

The world’s top Go player Lee Sedol (right) plays against Google’s artificial intelligence programme AlphaGo as Google DeepMind’s lead programmer Aja Huang (left) looks on during the fourth match of Google DeepMind Challenge Match in Seoul, South Korea recently. Photograph: REUTERS/Korea Baduk Association/Yonhap

Can machines think? Well, what does it mean “to think”? Thinking about thought is a journey into philosophy. Instead Alan Turing asked a different que(...)

South Korean professional Go player Lee Sedol  after putting his first stone against Google’s artificial intelligence programme, AlphaGo, during the third Google DeepMind Challenge Match in Seoul, South Korea. Photograph: Google via Getty Images

Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) programme on Saturday took a 3-0 lead in a five-match series against one of the world’s top players of the compl(...)

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