In a Word

Scorpios can be ‘complicated, needy and just plain difficult to get along with’. Be careful out there!

What is it about cats that gives them such innate, superior confidence?

Judging by the number of August birthdays in our family it would seem November is a favoured month for indulging the family passion

My grandparents fell in love, decided to get married secretly in the local church, went to a céilí and then returned to their homes, separately

The soldiers that some believed were best left unknown

Pity the high-profile person who may cross that certain threshold of public attention

Most people think of Wordsworth when the words ‘poetry’ and ‘daffodils’ are linked, but 17th century Herrick was there first

I realised years ago that even a proficiency in Irish, English and the vernacular was nowhere near enough for communicating with Dubliners




The Irish Times ePaper

A series examining attitudes North and South about the future of the island

Inquests into the nightclub fire that led to the deaths of 48 people