Added Time: time to see if Ireland are moving on or moving out

Joe Schmidt’s side run the All Blacks gauntlet while the Republic face down Switzerland

It’s moving week for our rugby and soccer teams - by the end of it there’s a good chance we’ll have either have moved on or moved out.

Gavin Cummiskey and Gerry Thornley check in from Japan, where the Rugby World Cup has been lit up by the hosts. How did nobody see Japan coming? Where do Ireland stand ahead of the quarter-final against New Zealand? Will the fact that this could be Joe Schmidt's last week in the job have any effect?

Emmet Malone is in Geneva as Mick McCarthy’s Ireland team prepares for the crucial Euro 2020 qualifier against Switzerland on Tuesday night. Here, too, there are questions. Will Aaron Connolly start? Why were Ireland so dreadful against Georgia? And are the nervy Swiss actually there for the taking?

All this on your Monday Added Time, with Malachy Clerkin and John O’Sullivan.


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