Volkswagen Touareg: driving into the future

The new, sportier Volkswagen Touareg brings the SUV experience up a few gears and with immersive technological features such as an innovision cockpit and night vision, it is perfect for the modern digital lifestyle

Volkswagen Touareg

The latest Volkswagen Touareg comes with a whole new generation of driver assistance systems, along with state-of-the-art new infotainment and connectivity features.


Launching in Ireland in mid-June, the new Volkswagen Touareg comes with an array of new technologies that push the SUV experience to a whole new level. While still offering the style, comfort and performance levels which have become the hallmark of the Touareg, the latest edition comes with a whole new generation of driver assistance systems, along with state-of-the-art new infotainment and connectivity features.

The exterior styling has been sharpened to give it a sportier coupe silhouette despite the fact that the overall dimensions are actually larger. And this increase in size and interior space has been achieved while the weight of the car has been decreased, thanks to the use of advanced new materials.

The interior has also been given a makeover but in some quite unexpected and artful ways.

The optional innovision cockpit is definitely one of the highlight features of the Touareg. All of the infotainment and other control features of the central console are effectively integrated in a seamless cockpit with the driver information display. The highly integrated 15-inch central console display fits snugly within the dash panel and is completely switchless – it can be operated by voice, touch or gesture.

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You can choose what music you want to listen to, make telephone calls, call up maps, and change the air-con settings, and a variety of other vehicle control systems, all without taking your hands off the wheel if you wish.

There are also USB ports at the front and in the passenger compartment to charge mobile devices and for data transmission.

The driver’s 12 inch active display in the optional digital cockpit instrument cluster is customisable to each driver’s needs and preferences. It also displays a lot more information than just speed, rev counter and fuel tank level.

You can use the multifunction steering wheel and infotainment system to select exactly what you would like to see on the screen. For example, you can call up detailed driving data, display the navigation map on the entire display, or information from driver assistance systems, as your needs require. You can even zoom precisely into the navigation map. You can also opt for a combination of navigation map, media display, speedometer, and warning alerts and be able to see it all at a glance.

And that’s just the beginning. You don’t actually have to take your eyes off the road to see all this critically important information because the optional windscreen head-up display projects the speed display, as well as navigation data and driver assistance information data, onto the windscreen. The projection is legible in any light conditions and you can move the position of the projection on the windscreen to where it suits best. You can also switch off the display at any time.

Another optional feature which feels as if it has stepped straight out of a James Bond movie is night vision, which lets you see what is hiding in the darkness.

The night vision system features an infra-red camera which looks approximately 300 metres ahead and reacts to heat radiated by bodies – either animal or human. The corresponding thermal image is displayed in the instrument cluster or in the optional digital cockpit. There is a warning system to alert the driver if the situation is critical, allowing time to respond and avoid potentially tragic outcomes.

Another very practical option is trailer assist. Anyone who has ever tried to reverse a trailer or horsebox around corners in narrow lanes or small yards will appreciate just how difficult it is.

It needn’t be a problem with the Touareg though; just activate trailer assist, set the direction, take your hands off the wheel and away you go. Trailer assist takes care of the steering, all you’ve got to worry about is the accelerator, brake and gears. The rear-view camera determines the angle of the tow-bar and it knows where it has to steer. Naturally, you can adjust the steering at any time.

With the Touareg’s outstanding design, amazing driving comfort on all surfaces, next generation safety systems, ground-breaking driver assistance systems, and stunning new infotainment and connectivity features, it's an SUV that is both on-road and off-road ready.

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