Let Oroko unlock your adventure

The desire to combine exclusive cultural destinations with adventure is stronger than ever


Marataba Safari Lodge, South Africa.


The profile of the adventure traveller has changed entirely in recent years. No longer simply the domain of the young backpacker, experienced travellers of all ages have discovered that their thirst for culture and adventure continues throughout their lives. The quality and substance of trips may have deepened but the desire to experience new destinations has become more important than ever.

OROKO play a crucial role in this journey, providing inspiration and tailored solutions to what can be incredibly complicated itineraries. By designing authentic and exclusive experiences, the team at OROKO allow you to truly immerse yourself in a destination.

Every trip OROKO designs is bespoke, tailoring the itinerary , the activities and the accommodation to your specific needs. With a trusted network of overseas partners, OROKO go straight to the source to find the best guides, experiences and value. 

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To inspire you, here are some of OROKO's favourite destinations for your next adventure. 

Sri Lanka, South Asia

The tropical island of Sri Lanka holds its place in the Indian Ocean with pride. Its lush rainforests, historic architecture and soft white beaches combine to create a place that seems designed for adventure.

From Buddhist sites to the rock fortress of Sigiriya to the Dambulla cave temple, it is a place of incredible discoveries. Its spice-rich food, culture and deeply religious heritage surround a people who are incredibly welcoming. OROKO can unlock this destination like no other, creating exclusive experiences that will become touchstones in your life.

Vietnam and Cambodia

Vietnam and Cambodia have an incredible hold on our imagination. Their temples, mausoleums and pagodas create an architectural landscape that is thrilling while its rice fields and cities forge a backdrop to a journey unlike many others.

OROKO can reveal these two destinations with a level of exclusivity and personal experience that few others can match. Absorb the cultural riches of the Temple of Literature, the sights of the Cai Rang floating market and the stories of the Hoan Kiem Lake. Let private island hideaways like Song Saa introduce you to a sense of peace that will remain with you forever.

Sultanate of Oman

Oman is a destination of sharp contrasts, with a rich and ancient history. Its mountain ranges dominate this wealthy Sultanate, which has taken its place in the world of exclusive travel.

Visitors discover that its huge deserts, golden beaches and forest-clad gorges are just one part of this great destination. OROKO can create adventure here like none other – from paragliding to mountain biking to a private fjord cruise. They can arrange a luxurious, private desert camp or reveal the cascading green waterfalls of Wadi Bani Khalid. The story of Oman is adventure itself.

South Africa 

South Africa’s rugged Atlantic coastline is only the beginning of an unstoppable adventure. From its national parks to its ancient rock sites to the Cedarberg mountains, it offers deep layers of experience to visitors.

OROKO can help you indulge in luxury at every stage, taking in exclusive Franschhoek wine trips, exquisite boutique hotels and tried and tested safari lodges. The heartbeat of Africa is ultimately felt on a “big five” game viewing adventure. OROKO takes pride in building this South African adventure into an entirely bespoke experience.

The OROKO difference 

OROKO is passionate about creating tailored, authentic travel experiences. 

Expertise: each itinerary is created by experts who inspect each hotel and understand that inspiring travel is about combining adventure with encounters you won't find in guidebooks. 

Insider access: OROKO has deep connections all over the world. It takes you past queues and crowds to explore sites closed to larger groups and most other travel companies. 

Value: OROKO believes value is the abiliy to access something others can't. OROKO make sure you get the most from your experience and that your bespoke trip has the best value. 

OROKO do the hard work, leaving you to relax and count the days until your time away. So, where will you go? 

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