Working overseas: How moneycorp helped me

Moving your money overseas


If you're thinking of emigrating, you need to think about your finances and how you're going to get enough funds to get by until you're settled in your new country. Consider specialist help to move your money overseas and you could benefit from lower fees than with a bank, better exchange rates and expert guidance.

The Irish Times has partnered with moneycorp to provide an International Money Transfer Service to its readers. moneycorp are experts at moving money and have already helped thousands of people emigrate all over the world.

Laura Wallace is a moneycorp customer who was so pleased by the service she received that she provided these handy tips for anyone considering emigrating to Australia.

“I'm a teacher. Ever since backpacking around Australia in 2006 I've wanted to make the move out here for good. After a recent visit in 2011, I knew I still wanted to make the move, so I started the visa process and on August 14th, 2013 I finally left for my new life in Australia.

Despite arriving in Australia in the middle of winter, it wasn't too cold. I did seem to bring some weather with me though. Perth has had the wettest September for 90 years! This has not dampened my start out here though and I didn't mind applying for jobs when it was just raining outside!

Since arriving in Perth I have made the most of the outdoors lifestyle, walking as much as possible and going for a run every couple of days. There's loads to do and see in a couple of free hours, like a walk along the river or around Kings Park. We have been taking advantage of the local markets and stocking up on loads of fresh fruit and veg every week, and made it to the beach a couple of times. Life is a lot less rushed out here.

My top tip for someone emigrating would be to make sure that you have savings with you for when you arrive. I didn't have a job to come to so I had to register with a Teaching Board. I also needed to buy a car, insure it, and find somewhere to live. The bond on a rental property is a month's wages, so make sure you have money to cover all of those things before you get a job/get paid. I would make sure you have short-term accommodation booked, so you can look at where you want to rent once you have arrived.

To get your money overseas I have to recommend moneycorp; they deliver a great, efficient service, and offer great rates.”

If you want to get more of your money to Australia, like Laura, start thinking about your finances and open an account with The Irish Times International Money Transfer Service today.