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The study/life balance

Composure under pressure

When you achieve a study-life balance it means that you are optimising your academic work, while spending time with your family, having a balanced social life, and participating in sports and other activities.

Everything outside of your studies contributes to your mental well-being and helps to minimise your levels of stress. Nobody studies for 24 hours a day and getting the right balance in your life means that you will get the maximum benefit from the time spent on your study.

The best approach is simply to study when you are meant to be studying and to relax when you are meant to be relaxing. Do the same when you are taking time off. Don’t let your studies be on your mind. Enjoy your breaks when you take them, switch off for a few minutes and it will be much easier to return to the work with a clear head afterwards.

Students who have a good study-life balance achieve more than they ever believed possible; they also manage to combine their academic and personal lives in the very best way and get the maximum benefit out of each.