Purrfect Harmony: mother cat suckles ducklings

Farm owners spotted feline bringing chicks in her mouth, to care for alongside kittens

This image of a cat suckling ducklings has ruffled the feathers of many an animal expert who simply can’t explain it.

The ‘white cat’ as she is known, normally a sworn enemy in the animal kingdom, has instead opted to care for the young chicks alongside her own kittens.

On the Mooney Goes Wild programme on RTE radio today, Ronan and Emma Lally, residents of a small farm in Clara, Co Offaly, said they made the discovery after suspecting the feline of more sinister intentions.

Several experts confronted with the peculiar pussy cat were unable to offer any explanation.


“We got some duck eggs from a local lady and put them under a broody hen,” Emma told the show.

“Three of the ducklings survived. But then they disappeared and Ronan blamed the cat.”

Later she was spotted with one of the small creatures in her mouth, transporting it to the safety of her litter.