Denis O’Brien: alleged influence he wielded over INM lies at the heart of the ODCE’s investigation. Photograph: Dara Mac Donaill

INM controversy involves data, a radio station, ‘success fees’ and possible market abuse

Director of Corporate Enforcement Ian Drennan expressed serious concern that INM’s IT director Gerry Wilde and deputy IT director Ronan McCarthy did not know “the specifics” about the removal of INM back-up tapes. File photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill/The Irish Times

Regulator expressed ‘serious concern’ that staff did not know ‘specifics’ of data removal

In 2012, the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland examined Denis O’Brien’s level of control over INM, after he effectively led a campaign that forced Gavin O’Reilly out as chief executive, and concluded he did not have a controlling interest in the paper. Photograph: Dara Mac Donaill

His cross-media holdings still likely to be examined as part of overall report for Government

Leslie Buckley: Mr Buckley, then INM chairman, texted Denis O’Brien on January 12th, 2017, after Minister for Communications Denis Naughten officially announced he was referring the takeover to the BAI. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Buckley told O’Brien merger would typically be approved after competition clearance

The Minister for Communications,  Denis Naughten, making a statement in the Dáil on Wednesday

Minister says he ‘acted to the letter of the law’ in his conversation with lobbyist Eoghan Ó Neachtain

Former INM chairman Leslie Buckley forwarded information obtained from Minister for Communications Denis Naughten through a PR consultant to the group’s main shareholder within half an hour, according to documents opened in the High Court this week. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

Chronology: the messages that saw Denis Naughten’s plans relayed through two PR consultants to INM’s main shareholder

Denis O’Brien,  The Irish TimesPhotograph; Dara Mac Donaill / The Irish Times

BAI examined extent of O’Brien’s influence over INM in 2012

Minister for Communications Denis Naughton: “I have not seen the alleged contents of the affidavit that you refer to and, as this matter is before the courts, I cannot comment.” Photograph: Collins

Intent relayed to INM’s major shareholder two months before being made public

The statement Denis O’Brien apparently helped “draft” outlined a series of payments to INM pension funds that were apparently sanctioned by shareholders. Photograph: Niall Carson/PA Wire

Message from then INM chair shows O’Brien participated in drafting, watchdog says

Former INM chairman  Leslie Buckley: emails Denis O’Brien a  note to be published the following morning by Davy, the company’s stockbroker, stating that INM’s share price is undervalued. He tells O’Brien that “it will be interesting to see whether the share price improves as a result”.

Controversial emails cover sensitive INM topics

Businessman Denis O’Brien: knew in March 2016, more than 13 hours before other shareholders, that INM’s revenues were up. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh

Emails between then INM chair and major shareholder raise ‘significant concern’

Denis O’Brien, centre: he said he had been subjected to “extraordinary” and intensifying levels of media coverage that suggested wrongdoing on his part. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Businessman says he will hold corporate director ‘personally responsible’ for leaks

Ian Drennan, Director of Corporate Enforcement. Photographer: Dara Mac Dónaill

Billionaire businessman threatens to hold ODCE boss Ian Drennan ‘responsible’ for leaks

Businessman Denis O’Brien. The investigation led by High Court judge Brian Cregan is examining the sale of Siteserv by IBRC to O’Brien-controlled Millington in 2012 for €45.54 million.

Department of Taoiseach figures show rising costs of inquiries and Moriarty tribunal

Appeal lodged over ruling on department’s release of correspondence under FOI Act

Former Northern Ireland first minister David Trimble is an advocate of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union.

Former first minister said Dublin’s Border remarks risk provoking paramilitaries

INM chief executive Michael Doorly sought in a meeting with staff to distance the suspected data interrogation from current executives. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Michael Doorly unable to guarantee personal staff data has not been compromised

Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney, who is managing the Government’s Brexit team. Photograph: Alan Betson

Contingency planning stepped up as Barnier agrees to another Irish visit to the Border

Karl Brophy, former INM executive and founder of Red Flag

PR firm embroiled in case with Denis O’Brien wants access to details of alleged data breach

Data Protection Commissioner Helen Dix still plans to speak at a data security conference organised by Independent News & Media on Monday despite her plans to investigate a suspected data breach at the company. Photograph: Cyril Byrne/THE IRISH TIMES

Journalist Mark Little withdraws from data security conference after alleged data breach

Businessman Denis O’Brien. His apparent involvement in a matter which directly concerned him in INM is one of the issues raised by the Director of Corporate Enforcement. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh

Media group’s then chair consulted businessman over appointment, affidavit says

Denis O’Brien: took control of INM after a six-year battle with Sir Anthony O’Reilly, becoming the company’s largest shareholder with a 29.9 per cent stake. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Nick Cooper whose name was searched after alleged data breach saw off Digicel court case

Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney: no justification for expulsion from Russia of Irish diplomat. Photograph: Alan Betson

Robert Meade, second-in-command at the Irish Embassy, given until Monday to leave

 Anti-Brexit demonstrators wave European Union flags from the top deck of a bus parked outside the Houses of Parliament in London on Thursday. Photograph: Daniel Leal-OLivas/AFP/Getty Images

Fidget spinners – with their hypnotising whirling motion – are an apt metaphor

Irish Ambassador to Russia Adrian McDaid arriving on Friday at  the Russian Foreign Ministry in Moscow, to be informed that an Irish diplomat is to be expelled. Photograph: Sergei Karpukhin/Reuters

Spokesman for Simon Coveney says there is no justification for expulsion of envoy

Rory Montgomery: regarded as the “intellectual powerhouse on all things European”.

Who are the officials leading the Irish response to UK’s departure from EU next year?

Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney being interviewed by Simon Carswell on Brexit. Photograph: Alan Betson

One Year to Brexit: Tánaiste says there will be no withdrawal treaty without the ‘backstop’

Simon Coveney said that he regarded himself as “someone who traditionally comes from a pro-life position”. Photograph: Alan Betson / The Irish Times

Electorate urged to turn out and vote in what seasoned politicians consider a tight-run affair

The Department of Finance report forms part of the Government’s preparations and contingency planning around Brexit

Potential disruption to retail, agri-food and pharmaceutical-chemical supply chains

John Sheridan, Fermanagh sheep and cattle farmer and member of Border Communities Against Brexit. Photograph:  Simon Carswell

Fermanagh farmer John Sheridan fears the creeping return of a hard Border at his land

 Barry Smith of Abcon Industrial Products, which is based in Cootehill.

Cavan exporter Barry Smith is planning ahead for ‘some sort of hard Border’

James Lowe, a farmer in Coalisland, Co Tyrone, and  chairman of the Northern Ireland Agricultural Producers’ Association, says most farmer-members want to stay within the EU’s customs union to avoid tariffs and checks on products as they move. Photograph: Simon Carswell

Farmers along Border await clues about what will happen after UK quits EU

Russian ambassador Yury Filatov with the media in the Russian embassy last week. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Government is expected to announce expulsions of at least one official tomorrow

 Russia’s ambassador to Ireland Yury Filatov at the embassy on Orwell Road said any expulsions of personnel would constitute an “unfriendly act”. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

Expulsions among possible actions in wake of briefings from Garda and security services

Swiss authorities will not disclose where Peter Conlon is being held.

Liquidator may have to hire Swiss lawyers in bid to find Ammado boss Peter Conlon

The Taoiseach signalled this week that the Border issue may not be resolved until the overall withdrawal treaty is agreed by the October deadline

European and UK officials will meet on Monday to discuss how to maintain open Irish Border

Stephen Donnelly: The Government needed clarity on the Border. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons/The Irish Times

Stephen Donnelly: Government ‘losing leverage’ by allowing negotiations to move on without clarity on Border

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar speaks to reporters in Brussels on Friday morning, accompanied by Helen McEntee Minister for European Affairs. Photograph: Simon Carswell

Security checks to determine if foreign officials are working as secret agents

US president Donald Trump embraces Taoiseach Leo Varadkar at the White House during their St Patrick’s week meeting. File photograph: Win McNamee/Getty Images

Donald Trump’s move weakens Ireland’s line of attack on proposed tax on digital firms

Speaking at the first day of the EU summit in Brussels, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has said Ireland is ‘in full solidarity’ with the UK in its diplomatic stand-off with Russia. Photograph: Getty Images

Taoiseach would rather have ‘right deal in October’ than ‘any deal in June’

Members of the Students4Ch8ice group, part of the Union of Students in Ireland, at the official Together4Yes campaign launch to remove Article 40.3.3 of the Constitution. Photograph: Students4Ch8ice/Twitter

Abortion vote: Together4Yes launches campaign to remove the Eighth Amendment

European leaders are gathering in Brussels to discuss whether to rubber stamp the Brexit transition deal. File photograph: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Two-day summit of EU leaders will focus primarily on tax and trade

Google’s offices in Dublin: The 3 per cent levy on online revenues - known as the Gafa tax because it will hit Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon most - will incite the Trump administration seeing this as a tax grab on US corporate cash

The timing is bad as the idea has been floated at a time when there is a possibility of a trade war between the EU and US

Chief EU negotiator for Brexit, Michel Barnier:  said his work is ‘not just about regulations and rules; it is about people’. Photograph: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP

Ireland prefers international rather than European measures to iron out tax loopholes used by multinationals

Danny McCoy, chief executive of Ibec: said the Trump administration was ‘concerned this additional tax proposal is targeting US companies’. Photograph: Eric Luke

Lobby group also wary of Macron’s reform agenda

Taoiseach  has rejected  suggestion that people  crossing the Border would have to pre-register. File photograph: Paul Faith/AFP/Getty Images

Ex-customs official concedes crossing registration and CCTV ‘too much’ for some

Canadian ambassador to Ireland Kevin Vickers  at the Canadian embassy in Dublin. Photograph: Simon Carswell

Canadian envoy says post-Brexit trade deal would still lead to border checks and delays

  Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney:  insisted the issue of ensuring an open border on the island of Ireland was not “being kicked into the long grass”. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

‘Backstop’ deal will keep North under EU rules in the event of no-deal Brexit

Labour leader Brendan Howlin:  he  said the deal on the transition period provided no clarity around how a hard border would be avoided

Fianna Fáil spokesman on Brexit says new deal ‘a fudge’ to enable talks to move to trade

A billboard in west Belfast. The British are still hoping that a close trading agreement on a permanent trading relationship between the EU and the UK can avoid a hard border. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images

Deal cementing no-hard-Border ‘backstop’ pleases Irish while British mull other options

Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney (left) walks with European Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier, prior to a meeting in Brussels on Monday. Photograph:  AFP/Pool

Barnier hails ‘decisive step’ but warns deal is ‘not the end of the road’

Tánaiste Simon Coveney: A spokesman for him said the remaining 27 EU member states ‘have been consistent that there can be no backsliding on any part of December’s agreement’. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Simon Coveney to meet Michel Barnier as Brussels seeks UK commitment on backstop

Max Schrems, who in August 2011 flagged the loophole that allowed apps installed by users of Facebook to ‘harvest’ data from their friends without their direct knowledge or explicit consent.

The loophole allowed a political firm to collect unauthorised data on millions of users

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar speaks to the media outside St Patrick’s Cathedral in New York. Photograph: Niall Carson/PA Wire

Sinn Féin and Green Party criticise Taoiseach’s intervention over Doonbeg wind farm

Snow falls around an Egyptian goose in Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, during a weather front that has been dubbed the mini beast from the east on Saturday. Photograph: Getty Images

Dublin Airport says cancellations ‘won’t affect’ fans travelling to Six Nations match

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar walks down a street in the Hell’s Kitchen district of New York, the latest stop on his visit to the US.  Photograph: Niall Carson/PA Wire

Taoiseach conveyed Trump’s concerns about Doonbeg to tourism body, records show

Doonbeg, Co Clare: Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said he had called the Clare County Council when he was minister for tourism after Donald Trump complained about plans to build a wind farm near his  golf resort

Leo Varadkar urged to clarify contact with council over project opposed by Donald Trump

Taoiseach  Leo Varadkar shakes hands with US president Donald  Trump during the Shamrock Bowl Presentation at the White House in Washington on Thursday. Photograph: EPA

Reaction: Howlin says Varadkar may have been exaggerating his role ‘to have tale to tell’

Leo Varadkar said in Washington on Thursday he ‘enquired about the planning permission’ of a proposed wind farm which Donald Trump objected to because it was close to his Doonbeg resort (above). Photograph: PA

‘I did commit to asking Fáilte to review the planning applications,’ Varadkar told state agency

Doonbeg golf course and hotel in Co Clare: Leo Varadkar has come under fire after saying he made  inquiries about a wind farm close to Donald Trump’s golf course. Photograph: Niall Carson/PA

Michael Clohessy ‘reviewing’ situation as Taoiseach says he tried to halt Doonbeg plan

 Russia’s ambassador to Ireland Yury Filatov speaking at the Russian embassy on Orwell Road, Rathgar. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

Envoy says reports of spying in Ireland part of ‘hype’ around nerve-agent attack in UK

A garda working on the Border between counties Cavan and Fermanagh. Human rights groups have warned the EU’s draft Brexit treaty risks breaching the  Belfast Agreement by creating a difference in human rights protections on the island of Ireland. Photograph: Eric Luke

Cross-border committee says North should continue to be allowed to vote in EU elections

Helen Dixon, Data Protection Commissioner: pushed for a big increase in funding last year, arguing the body would become the pan-EU regulator for most of the world’s top internet companies, including Facebook and Twitter. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Commissioner says more staff would reverse negative perception as ineffective regulator

Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney: ‘In truth, there is no way we are going to have a detailed free trade agreement negotiated before Britain leaves the European Union’. Photograph: Gareth Chaney Collins

Tánaiste says it could take ‘years’ to agree a free trade agreement between EU and UK

John McNamee, dressed as a customs worker, joined Border Communities Against Brexit to protest against the UK’s EU exit by setting up a customs post between Dundalk and Newry. Photograph: Dara MacDónaill

‘I don’t believe it will go ahead without a fight from the Irish people,’ says David Fox

Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy: claims Eurostat ruling will not impede social housing delivery. Photograph: Gareth Chaney Collins

Ruling could complicate efforts to reclassify groups to free up spending on social housing

Oireachtas finance committee told that there are 3,000 homeowners at EBS, now part of majority State-owned AIB, who have not been returned to tracker rates.

Committee told that overcharging by banks could amount to €700m

The  report contains 30 recommendations on seven key topics affecting returning Irish emigrants. Photograph: iStock

1,188 emigrants shared their opinions and experiences in new survey

European Council President Donald Tusk speaks during a press conference in Senningen. Photograph: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty

Europe warns Britain against ‘cherry-picking’ of EU rules

Gail Slater, who is originally from Dalkey in south Co Dublin, has taken up the role of adviser to the US president on technology, telecommunications and cybersecurity.

Dalkey native Gail Slater to advise US president on technology and cybersecurity

European Council president Donald Tusk will circulate the draft document to the remaining 27 EU member states before meeting with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar in Dublin on Thursday. Photograph: Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty Images

Draft guidelines for post-Brexit trade deal will stress importance of avoiding a hard border

US President Donald Trump  has said he would introduce a 25 per cent tariff on steel imports and 10 per cent on aluminium imports, raising the prospect of a global trade war including with the EU.  Photograph: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg

EU response to retaliate under WTO rules backed by State if US levies metals imports

Germany’s EU commissioner Günther Oettinger said EU financial reforms meant money could be redirected to ensure the transport of products from Irish ports to other EU ports. Photograph: John Thys/AFP/Getty Images

Commissioner says defence spending must rise in next EU budget due to ‘America First’

Atlantic Philanthropies, founded and financed by billionaire Chuck Feeney, gave away €1.1 billion in Ireland through 1,030 grants over 30 years. Photograph: Alan Betson

Chuck Feeney’s ‘historic act of extraordinary generosity’ financed transformational change

Reacting to a speech on Brexit made by Britain’s prime minister Theresa May, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said he remains concerned  some of the constraints of leaving the customs union and single market are still not fully recognised. File photograph: Getty Images

Leo Varadkar expresses concerns about aspects of British PM’s latest Brexit speech

A scene from Inchicore, Dublin, this Friday morning. Photograph: Gavin O Ceallachain

People asked not to run taps in freezing weather and to have showers to save water

British prime minister Theresa May will on Friday give a key speech on Brexit in the City of London. Photograph: Christopher Furlong/PA Wire.

PM to use ‘five tests’ speech to call for deal between UK and EU that strengthens ‘our union’

 Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Simon Coveney: the Government’s preference is for the customs issue to be dealt with under a new EU-UK trade deal.  Photograph: Gareth Chaney/ Collins

Simon Coveney says EU and UK would decide location under ‘backstop’ scenario

‘This isn’t trying to provoke. It is not trying to re-interpret’:  Tánaiste  Simon Coveney. Photograph: Gareth Chaney Collins

Minister rejects suggestion Dublin is pushing Brexit on the EU’s terms on the British

EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier said nothing in the text should ‘be a surprise’ to British or others. Photograph: European Commission/PA

Northern Ireland will be considered part of the EU’s customs territory after Brexit, text says

Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney: “We want to work with the UK and defend island of Ireland interests”

EU’s draft withdrawal agreement based on North-South alignment to avoid hard border

British foreign secretary Boris Johnson:  has told Theresa May it was wrong to see the government’s task as “maintaining no border” on the island of Ireland after Brexit. Photograph: Alex Burstow/Getty Images

Draft EU-UK withdrawal treaty likely to be rejected by Brexiteers and DUP

British prime minister Theresa May: call to Taoiseach Leo Varadkar on Monday night suggests a nervousness on her part. Photograph: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

Draft agreement sets basis out on which to proceed into next phase of Brexit talks

Tániste and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Simon Coveney  speaks to EU  chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier during  at the EU Council building in Brussels on Tuesday. Photograph: Geert Vanden Wijngaert/AP Photo

Agriculture and food sectors to be protected under proposed withdrawal agreement

As part of plans to create a high-speed Dublin-Belfast rail network, Irish Rail  wants to reduce the journey time from two hours and 15 minutes to less than two hours and eventually 90 minutes. Photograph: Getty Images

Semi-State considering use of technology for on-board checks in event of a hard Brexit

The phone call between the two leaders, organised at the request of Downing Street, comes two days before the EU releases the draft withdrawal agreement.

Call comes days before release of withdrawal deal providing ‘backstop’ for no hard border

The Peter McVerry Trust homelessness charity has put emergency measures in place to protect people who are homeless. Photograph: iStock

Homeless charity secure sports centre in emergency response to extreme weather

Pat Cox: the Irish former MEP has said he had no involvement with a group of former European politicians known as the Hapsburg group that were, it is alleged, used secretly by Paul Manafort. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

Former MEP says ex-Ukrainian leader used report linked to indicted former Trump aide

The Department of Finance had “no evidence at this point” that the Single Supervisory Mechanism’s treatment of split mortgages was going to change,” a spokesman said. File photograph: Frank Miller

ECB’s view of non-performing loans queried in bid to exclude restructured mortgages

Sale of the €3.7 billion “Project Glas” loan portfolio  has generated public outrage over the likelihood loans will end up in the hands of a so-called vulture fund.

What bank failed to clean up, insolvency advisers and lawyers seek to resolve in court

Minister for Finance  Paschal Donohoe  speaking at Wednesday’s conference, which was held at Croke Park, Dublin. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Minister tells conference that regulatory divergence poses biggest risk to Irish economy

Minister for Finance  Paschal Donohoe, Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed and Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation Heather Humphreys speaking to media after a  conference on the trade implications of Brexit at Croke Park, Dublin on Wednesday. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill/The Irish Times

Minister reviewing rules to avoid mass repossessions in light of likely sale of 14,000 home loans to vulture fund

Permanent TSB, which is 75 per cent State-owned, said it plans to sell about €3.7 billion worth of loans. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Permanent TSB could have avoided sales of bad loans by using State’s insolvency fixes

 RTÉ director-general Dee Forbes said the broadcaster’s new strategy will ensure it will  ‘continue to play a central role at the heart of national life’.

More public funding will be required to respond to Netflix with Irish-made content

Brexit negotiations: the Norway-Sweden border is frictionless but not invisible, according to Else Berit Eikeland

‘Pick and choose’ UK trade deal would be ‘very demanding’, says Else Berit Eikeland

Winnie Li: “Rebuilding my relationship with Ireland, in the wake of my own rape there, has been one of the most unexpected and reaffirming steps in my journey of recovery.”

Three graduates of the programme talk about what it means for US-Irish relations

A shortage of rental accommodation, underlined again this week with news that rents continue to soar, offers no excuse for ignoring basic standards. Photograph: Rui Vieira/PA Wire

Dublin landlords secured increases averaging 10% before limit was introduced

Howard Dean  in Dublin last week: the former US Democratic presidential candidate paints Donald Trump as a racist, a provocateur and a narcissist obsessed with his public profile. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Former candidate sees younger Democrats beating ‘rogue’ Trump and Republicans

 James Byrne and James McMahon attend last weekend’s Irexit: Freedom to Prosper conference in Dublin. Photograph: Bryan Meade

Nigel Farage’s Dublin speech has cast doubt on assumptions about the nature of Irish populism

Bandon-based Dan McCarthy, who works as a vet and owns four pharmacies in  Co Cork, has been censured by the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland for  selling veterinary medicines without valid prescriptions.

Pharmacy owner tells inquiry that ‘blurred’ lines between his practices was ‘madness’

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