It’s noticeable that Ivan Yates, who can often be heard merrily baiting ‘pinko lefties’ himself, keeps his counsel on this occasion, instead focusing on the victims of the gang feud.  Photograph: Newstalk

Radio review: Newstalk host has comparatively quiet week while Mary Wilson chips away at political guests

Well-known broadcasters Marian Finucane and Larry Gogan passed away within seven days of each other in early Janaury. Photographs: Matt Kavanagh/The Irish Times and RTÉ/PA Wire

Radio review: In a sad week, RTÉ presenters pull together to remember broadcasting legends

RTÉ broadcaster Larry Gogan in 1969. The naturally warm voice ensured his career flourished.

The radio DJ with a voice ‘as smooth as a billiard ball’ will live long in the collective memory

Larry Gogan  has died at the age of 81. Photograph: RTÉ/PA Wire

The 2FM broadcaster, who has died at 85, was one of our first and best radio DJs

RTÉ’s Marty Morrissey. Photograph: James Crombie/©INPHO

Radio review: RTÉ’s preview of 2020 turns unexpectedly sombre, as Second Captains get more sport from a determined diplomat

Marian Finucane pictured in 1993 during her Liveline days. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh/The Irish Times

‘Her death has robbed RTÉ – and Ireland – of a protean talent who had enduring charisma’

Today with Sean O’Rourke on RTÉ Radio 1, weekdays at 10am

RTÉ host gets to the heart of the childcare crisis , as O’Shea welcomes all book-lovers

Review: Every radio show has filler, but Ciara Kelly has had the trowel out a lot recently

Katie Hannon: versatile and personal

Radio review: The host waits for guests to slip up before she turns the screw

Sean O’Rourke was Radio 1’s strongest performer.

The contrast between RTÉ’s obvious disdain for Lyric and indulgent attitude toward 2fm sent out a deeply negative signal

The Book Show would seem to throw Rick O’Shea a lifeline, but its run has only been guaranteed until Christmas. Photograph Nick Bradshaw/The Irish Times

The man born Paul Crossan has gone from pop jock to credible host of RTÉ's Book Show

DJ Niall Boylan from Classic Hits 4fm. In enthusiastically encouraging people to vent on both real problems and pet peeves, the host walks a fine line between airing grievances and fuelling resentment. Photograph: Michael Donnelly/4fm

Defiant farmers cause 4FM presenter to drop the F-bomb, but his shock jock instincts remain

Marian Finucane: ‘Finucane also adopts an air of bemused wonderment at the ordinary and obvious’

Radio review: For nearly two decades, she has reigned supreme in a coveted weekend slot

The independent TD for Kerry is on the show for a discussion about fellow TD Noel Grealish. File Photograph: Alan Betson

Radio review: Her interview with minister Eoghan Murphy is more reconciliation than rematch

Gay Byrne with his portrait in the National Gallery of Ireland in 2000. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Broadcaster’s death prompts on-air eulogies from colleagues, plus some self-revelation

 Gay Byrne’s great strength as a radio host was his capacity to listen: his listeners   trusted him with secrets they would not share with their nearest and dearest. Photograph:  Photograph: Eddie Kelly/The Irish Times

Radio show arguably even more important catalyst for change than The Late Late

Ivan Yates: ‘It’s a national sport in Ireland to be a begrudger.’ Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Radio review: Sometimes ‘excessive self-admiration’ is justified, says Newstalk presenter

Joe Duffy discussed the gunpoint robbery in Dublin on Liveline this week

Joe Duffy hears how two men pointed a gun at a tourist and robbed her handbag

Matt Cooper: savvy enough to realise there’s life after Brexit. Photograph: Brian McEvoy

Today FM host acknowledges jaded public mood, while Jennifer Zamparelli reveals a gritty side of Irish life

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg. Photograph: David Zalubowski/AP

The condition is triggered by exposure to a Swedish girl who doesn’t want the world to end

Mark Cagney: Having exited his longtime role as host of Virgin Media’s television show Ireland AM, he has recently been popping up on Newstalk, in this instance as a stand-in for Ivan Yates. Photograph: Colin Keegan/Collins

Erstwhile TV host brings a light touch to Newstalk stint as Lorenzo and Brexit rage on

Greta Thunberg: Ryan Tubridy has been criticised for his on-air remarks about the activist. Photograph: Tom Jamieson/New York Times

Presenter catches flak over his clunky concern for teenage activist’s health

The Bluffer’s Guide to Suburbia: a piece of sensory, stimulating theatre. Photograph: Colm Hogan

Dublin Theatre Festival: Ray Scannell’s ambitious musical drama is performed with aplomb but lacks focus

Whelan sounds in his element at “the Ploughing”

Radio Review: Classical music station fulfills its public broadcasting remit with variety and wit – why is it under threat?

Vespertilio: an endangered bat is at the centre of this engaging two-hander. Photograph: Liz Isles

Dublin Fringe Festival: Mismatched outsiders form romance in wistfully charming two-hander

Grounds for Concern: Alan Bradley tells his story with verve and veracity. Photograph: Tina Brady

Dublin Fringe Festival: Inventive one man show deals with a young player's mental health struggles

Stephen Rea: Miriam disarms Rea’s lugubriously diffident public persona. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

Review: By the end of a compelling interview, O’Callaghan positively embraces her self-parodying side

Shane Coleman has a considerably more successful week at Westminster than the British prime minister, Boris Johnson

Radio Review: Newstalk Breakfast presenter captures the charged atmosphere in London, while Ray D’Arcy looks at problems closer to(...)

Miriam O’Callaghan’s recent radio slot was a chance for common sense to prevail on vaccines.

Radio Review: Guests on RTÉ and Newstalk’s Pat Kenny Show have no truck with anti-vaxxers

Newstalk’s Lunchtime Live presenter Ciara Kelly describes her mentality as “partitionist”. Photograph: Tom Honan

Radio: The Newstalk host appears to share callers' doubts about reunification

Maggie Doyle, stand-in host on the Ryan Tubridy Show, fails to  curry favour with Tubridy and his fans over Paul McCartney.

Stand-in presenter shows her strengths while spinning out sparse material, as Jonathan Healy hears of heroic resistance to a helli(...)

Miriam O’Callaghan shows that for all her famed one-on-one interviewing skills, she’s in her element hosting current affairs conversations.

Presenter helms discussions on drugs and Boris Johnson, as Ivan Yates gets crash course on cocaine

Katie Hannon: versatile and personal

Presenter brings her own experiences to charged exchanges on Liveline, while Ciara Kelly shows her bedside manner in bleak convers(...)

Murphy said more houses are required so people can ‘rent with sustainability’. Or, to put it another way, not be made homeless. File photograph: Nick Bradshaw/The Irish Times

Minister is defensive on housing crisis with Today FM, as Morning Ireland debates definitions of disaster

Ryan Tubridy: at his best he is entertaining on-air company

He hits the right note for early silly season. At his best he is entertaining on-air company

Majella Moynihan pictured in the grounds of RTE. Majella spoke on RTÉ’s Documentary on One about being investigated by gardaí when she became pregnant by a male member of the force. Photograph: RTÉ

Radio review: Her tale of forced adoption sounds like the stuff of fiction but is all too real

  Liveline host Joe Duffy’s investigative skills make for interesting listening

Radio review: The presenter shows off his digging skills over a racist incident on the train

Jennifer Zamparelli. ‘She has a monotone delivery, pitched somewhere between manic and sarcastic’

Radio Review: Host’s new show grates but Garrihy, McDermott zing up morning

Maria Bailey appeared on Sean O’Rourke’s show on Monday to discuss the withdrawn ‘swing’ case.

Radio review: When O’Rourke finishes the interview, it’s an act of mercy to his guest

Gerry Ryan: natural broadcaster, but would he still be a star today? Photograph: Mark Read

To mark 40 years of 2FM, RTÉ resurrected the broadcaster in electrifying fashion

Marian Finucane: ‘But you’re not denying, are you, the consequences of global warming?’

The atmosphere on the usually staid show turns both hotter and frostier, a bit like climate change

As The Divine Comedy releases a bleak new album, the singer thinks it may be the end of the world, but feels fine

Seizing on every passing factoid: Today FM’s Dermot and Dave. Photograph: Today FM

Dermot and Dave’s show is good-natured, aimless and generic, like Today FM itself

  On Today with Sean O’Rourke, the presenter  attempts to conjure up the whiff of cordite by recreating the close-fought battles of the previous divorce referendum

Presenter’s attempt at sparking divorce debate allows for rigorous, if alarming, critique of contemporary society

Pat Kenny: you don’t want him on your case

Presenter by turns forensic and toe-curling, while Seán Moncrieff’s ironic style hits a wall

Author John Boyne: ‘You don’t know me, don’t judge me.’ Photograph: Dave Meehan/The Irish Times

Novelist opens up on ‘cis privilege’ irk while the host issues a plea for education

The Dublin band The Blades, fronted by Paul Cleary, onstage in 1985. Photograph: Terry Thorp

A new compilation is a compelling journey through musical moments of 1970s Britain

 Web Summit founder Paddy Cosgrave  kept his silence when he was  interviewed by   Philip Boucher-Hayes on Tuesday’s edition of Drivetime. Photograph: Dave Meehan

Tech entrepreneur’s prickly on-air performances muddy his message about Ireland’s corporate regime

Louise McSharry: deploys her PC jargon in lighthearted fashion

In her temporary mid-morning tenure, she proves you don’t have to be un-PC to entertain

Ray D’Arcy:  can still show flashes of the spicily attuned broadcaster who used to hold court on Today FM. Photograph: Andres Poveda

Spud rant and Jasper Carrott interview are like a diet of root vegetables: filling but dull

Shane Coleman and Kieran Cuddihy, presenters of Newstalk Breakfast (weekdays)

Radio review: Kieran Cuddihy and Shane Coleman bring fresh energy to Newstalk Breakfast

Joe Duffy: ‘I wasn’t talking about burqas.’

Radio Review: After initial gruffness, Duffy grows genuinely concerned for his guest

Pat Kenny interviews local resident John Kelly, whose brother Michael was one of the unarmed civilians shot dead by British paratroopers on Bloody Sunday

Radio review: Newstalk host throws himself into Derry visit, while Mary Wilson hears a warning from history

  Hard Shoulder host Ivan Yates interviews Emma Hayes of Chelsea FC Women and his approach unfortunately recalls another trait of 1970s masculinity: a Neanderthal attitude to the abilities of the opposite sex. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

The ex-government minister and businessman tackles his radio guests like a tough midfielder

Derek Mooney: too often comes across as a caricature of a daytime radio jock

Radio review: RTÉ presenter’s nature programme marred by uneven tone, while Sean Moncrieff hears queasy animal tales

Eoghan McDermott steps up on drink-awareness chat

Radio review: With one exception, 2FM’s drink awareness chat sounds like nightclub banter

Change the attitude: Peter Casey.  Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Former presidential candidate sticks to his guns as radio reporting debut falls flat

Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin has a torrid time on    Damien Tiernan’s Déise Today show in his first week as host. Photograph: North West Newspix

Radio Review: The ex-RTÉ outheast correspondent illustrates the strengths of regional radio

Joe Duffy could have added that two of Farage’s children are entitled to citizenship here through their Irish-born mother Photograph: Alastair Grant

Duffy hears from hunters of Irish passports who are ‘basically embarrassed to be British’

Charlie Connelly mixes historical anecdote with reportage and memoir as he goes “in search of the magic of radio”.

Charlie Connelly celebrates radio culture as a means of reaching out to a bigger world

 Ryan Tubridy: a pint ends up as another tedious skirmish in the culture wars.Photograph: Kinlan Photography.

Radio Review: More Proustian than Behanesque, Tubridy is a stout believer in simple pleasures

Sean O’Rourke: excited at the prospect of getting stuck into the Brexit action

Radio Review: Master of the High Court Edmund Honohan explains his window breaking

Larry Gogan

Review: The most poignant moment is when Gogan reminds us he will still be broadcasting

Larry Gogan: His lifelong mission to share the joy of music continues. Photograph: Eric Luke

The much-loved, open-minded broadcaster moves to RTÉ Gold at the end of January

Baz Ashmawy forgets to introduce himself on the ‘Ryan Tubridy Show’.

The stand-in wide-eyed RTÉ presenter reveals a lot about himself - but forgets to mention his name

The new controversialist: Shane Coleman. Photograph: Newstalk

Newstalk hosts discuss Christmas menus while Mary Wilson uncovers the facts of eviction

The former Sinn Féin leader, Gerry Adams, spoke to Ryan Tubridy about his cookbook.  Photograph: Eric Luke / The Irish Times

Radio review: Tubridy’s stern interview with Adams is perplexing, but unintentionally revealing

Alan Hughes as Sammy Sausages, Mary Byrne as Fairy Mary and Rob Murphy as Buffy in the Cheerios Panto Snow White and the Adventures of Sammy Sausages & Buffy

Alan Hughes’s long-running pantomime uses raucous humour to winning effect

Pat Kenny’s interview with the   CEO of emigrant support charity Safe Home Ireland  turns into an unexpectedly spirited encounter

Newstalk host is at his most logical during spirited encounter, while Vicky Phelan tells her story to the world in BBC documentary

Tuned in: Eoghan McDermott, Miriam O’Callaghan, Matt Cooper, Ciara Kelly, Tracy Clifford and Ivan Yates

Year in Culture Review: The news station proved a raucous alternative to staid formulaic radio

Rugby players  Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding: their trial and acquittal was the subject of “Documentary on One: Notes from a Belfast Rape Trial”. File photograph: Niall Carson/PA

Radio Review: Presenter finds her old fire over sex assault cases as terms gender gap emerges

Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding were acquitted of the charges

Review: Airing of explicit detail in this documentary risks voyeurism, but is justified

Ray D’Arcy: fed up with the Angelus. Photograph: Patrick Bolger/RTÉ

Radio Review: Presenter’s irritation at religious slot brings him to life, while Sean O’Rourke needs time to reflect on his show’s(...)

George Hook: helped establish Newstalk first as a local presence, then a national one.  Photograph: Eric Luke

Mick Heaney: The attention-loving shock-jock has announced his retirement. It’s overdue

Joe Duffy talks to Bernie McNally, who was injured in the Dublin-Monaghan bombings of 1974, about her criticisms of a new Junior Certificate history textbook which fails to mention the atrocity, which left 34 people dead

Radio Review: RTÉ presenters look at historical events from different angles but both bring welcome perspectives

Henry McKean: Unfailingly courteous yet anxiously scatty

Radio review: Newstalk’s Henry McKean reports from inside ‘a sardine can on wheels’

“If the dodo goes, maybe we’ll get a better-looking ostrich”: Ivan  Yates’s attitude comes across as indifferent rather than inquiring. Photograph: Michael Mac Sweeney/Provision

The Newstalk presenter is in jocular mood about wild animals being wiped out

Ciara Kelly: Shows a  good bedside manner but keeps a firm hand on proceedings

Newstalk presenter uses her medical background to telling effect, while Sean O’Rourke sticks to the grim facts

Joe Duffy: Holding a mirror to Irish life

Review: Duffy is getting his practice in for his role in the upcoming Snow White panto

RTÉ  environment editor  George Lee warned on Morning Ireland the end of the world is nigh

Radio: The environment editor’s voice dips more than usual as he relays the imminent Armageddon

Bobby Kerr: The Newstalk radio host’s cheery unflappability belies his business nous and worldly experience.

The Dragon not running for president brings a genial appeal to his Newstalk show

Mining Stories: Silke Huysmans and Hannes Dereere’s show about a dam collapse in Brazil in 2015 is thought-provoking and emotionally resonant

Dublin Theatre Festival: Silke Huysmans and Hannes Dereere bring a light touch to their weighty material

In inviting the pair of economists on to his show, Sean O’Rourke is acting as Don King-style fight promoter as much as honest umpire. Photograph: RTÉ

Presenter proves hell hath no fury like an economist scorned, as Volt fails to impress Moncrieff

Emmanuel Dzotsi and Sarah Koenig

Review: The long-form US crime podcast has gone back to basics. A little too basic, actually

Peaches Christ Superstar: the performer’s charismatic personality shines through. Photograph: Angel Ceballos

Dublin Fringe Festival: Transgressive electro artist brings bravura spirit to Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s musical

The Nicky Byrne Show with Jenny Greene depends on a nicely balanced chemistry

The home of Nicky Byrne, Jenny Greene and Eoghan McDermott has some unlikely fans

My Dad’s Blind:  Anna Sheils-McNamee and David O’Meara. Photograph: Ste Murray

Dublin Fringe Festival: Two-hander is marked by visual flair and dark comedy

Robert Ballagh. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw for The Irish Times

The artist and political activist has written his ‘reluctant memoir’ at 75. It’s dominated by one major absence: his wife and arti(...)

Paul Williams and Shane Coleman

It can be easy to forget that Shane Coleman and Paul Williams have formidable news pedigrees

Running + Walking In The Phoenix Park: doesn’t so much go nowhere fast as saunter around in circles at a gentle trot

Dublin Fringe: Multimedia drama on traversing Dublin’s municipal space has absorbing elements but eventually wears thin

Ireland’s Call: Written and performed by John Connors, the story is a familiar one

Dublin Fringe Festival: John Connors lends a charismatic presence to his polemical portrait of urban deprivation

Brendan Galileo for Europe: Fionn Foley tells performs multiple roles with comic gusto. Photograph: Cáit Fahey

Dublin Fringe Festival: Fionn Foley is irresistible as an anti-establishment politician

Ray D’Arcy:  ‘Like a good counsellor, D’Arcy makes the guest – and the listener – feel better’

D’Arcy doles out the advice while admirably brisk Mary Wilson is baffled by midlife crises

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