Working in the home


Sir, – As I read Geraldine Walsh’s “invisible mum” description of what it means to be working in the home caring for small children (Health, September 4th), I remembered years ago being angry when people would say, “Are you working?”. On one occasion I said ‘Yes, I’m a childminder”. This person was surprised when I told her I minded my own child! I explained that if I went next door and minded the little boy there I’d be “working”!

During those years working in the home and in my community I discovered how, as well as caring for their families and helping neighbours, these parents ran Meals on Wheels, school book sales, Christmas fairs, fundraisers, took people to hospital appointments, and so much more. They worked hard.

It’s worth noting (and placing this fact on the fridge door) that the insurance company Royal London recently calculated the cost of the duties of a parent at home at about €42,000 a year if outsourced. – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.