Women in politics


Sir, – Ashling Murphy’s tragic death is a moment of great pain that is being felt by both men and women.

It is up to women, however, to take steps to alter social policy in the Republic, the better to protect the more vulnerable.

This can be done by ensuring that enough women candidates of quality are encouraged to compete at elections and also to have a shot at securing seats in the Seanad.

With more women legislators, the power structure could be influenced in favour of enacting policies to protect women and less able citizens manifestly at risk.

However, it appears that women candidates do not appeal to the leadership of the traditional political parties, if they self-identify as feminists, women who are dedicated to achieving social justice across all sectors of society.

The alternative – continuous heartfelt appeals to the dominant male hierarchy and its adherents– is unlikely to yield significant change. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 6.