Women and local government


Sir, – Since International Women’s Day 2019, a mere 24 per cent of women candidates were elected to our local government. Although women play a crucial leadership role in our communities, this is not being reflected in the make-up of our county councils. It is hardly surprising when you consider that there is no entitlement to maternity and adoptive leave, the inflexibility of meeting times and the fact that childcare cannot be claimed as an expense. Funding must be provided for long-term programmes to equip females to run for office and crucially to provide conditions that enable them to stay. A good start would be specific funding to help establish a “National Women’s Caucus for Councillors”, where women can collectively lobby for policy changes. I challenge the next government to lead the way on this so that we can start to see a true reflection of our society in local politics and reason to celebrate for International Women’s Day 2021. – Yours, etc,


Green Party,

Greystones District,

Wicklow County Council.