Whither the 46A?


Sir, – In response to the concern of Patrick Judge (Letters, July 4th) that the new Dublin Bus route redesign will have a serious cultural impact, it should be pointed out that the classic Bagatelle song Summer in Dublin does not include the line “I jumped on the 46A to Dún Laoghaire”, but rather “I jumped on a bus to Dún Laoghaire”.

Liam Reilly, the composer, cleverly avoided the use of word “CIÉ”, anticipating the creation of the Dublin Bus subsidiary, and possibly even privatisation, although not the introduction of driver-operated doors on buses. There is no jumping on anything anymore, regardless of the bus number.

The line from the song concerning the bus naming convention is “When my hummin’ was smothered by a 46A and the scream of a low flying jet”. I believe emissions standards have taken care of the first problem, and forthcoming Ryanair industrial action may help alleviate the latter. – Yours, etc,



Dublin 4.

Sir, – Brian McKenna (July 5th) wonders if the demise of the 46A will devalue residential properties along the route. Not if the 46A becomes the “D4”. – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.