Weather-defying pipe dreams


Sir, – Your article (News, May 22nd) about the plans for the pedestrianisation of Dún Laoghaire failed to detail how the proposed “Myrtle Square” will come into being.

In fact, over the past fortnight, Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council demolished three period-fronted shop premises with substantial overhead accommodation to create this space, directly across the road of the entrance to St Michael’s Hospital. Indeed I can recall one unfortunate homeless man who took up residence in the porch of one of those buildings for a prolonged period in recent years.

I must say that in the middle of a housing and accommodation crisis, I find it unbelievable that such an act could be carried out and such an “amenity” proposed. Such an action seems driven by a panic to jump on the bandwagon of some misguided notion that Irish cities and towns can be successfully turned into continental-style outdoor eating and drinking locations – weather-defying pipe dreams where everybody arrives and leaves by bicycle.

This might be viable in countries further south, but not on this rain-sodden island.

I would also have very strong reservations about the long-term viability and success of such a public space in this particular location. – Yours, etc,





Co Wexford .