Waterford and North Quays project


Sir, – As someone who has been proactive in the campaign to achieve expanded cardiac care and 24/7 coverage at the regional hospital in Waterford, I felt a level of disappointment at some of the recent local commentary regarding the North Quays project. I am referring to negative online comments which followed publication of details of the development in the national weekend newspapers.

Whatever concerns people may have regarding the specific scale or design of the project, presumably these will be the subject of planning permission and grant approval.

While proper planning with respect to the development is absolutely critical to the success of the project from a citywide prospective, what cannot be disputed is that the scale of this investment could prove an economic and social game-changer for Waterford and the southeast region. This project, if developed fully, could help to unlock and reawaken the potential of both the region and the city to stand economically independent, prosperous and viable into the future.

The issue of southeast regional cardiac care has demonstrated all too clearly how divisions in strategic regional thinking have been used to deny our citizens an equal share of national capital allocations over many years. This is most apparent in sectors such as healthcare, education, employment and transport infrastructure, with an opportunity squandered which was freely availed of elsewhere.

Despite this we have now, in contrast to other regions, significant potential for growth which, if harnessed, can create an economically sustainable and prosperous future where once again the southeast can contribute significantly to Irish life and the economy into the future.– Yours, etc,