‘Too late to save Brexit-addled Britain’


Sir, – Fintan O’Toole gives a grim summary of Britain’s Brexit journey, emphasising its mythically tragic trajectory. (“Collapse of Vote Leave gang comes too late to save Brexit-addled Britain”, Opinion & Analysis, November 17th).

Along the way there has been much brinkmanship and posturing. As one administration fell, the next doubled down on things and became even more “Brexity”.

His criticism is fair enough, if a little sententious, particularly in its implication that even were the UK now actually regretting its Brexit fervour, it is too late. This theme repeats itself throughout, linking to doom-laden Greek stories. Too late, the tragic protagonist realises his error. Too late, when there is nothing to be done. Redemption does not come easily in Greek morality tales.

He doesn’t consider the possibility that Europe might lean more towards biblical texts than Greek tragedies and welcome the UK back with a fatted calf instead of a Greek chorus, leaving the rest of us feeling a little like the prodigal son’s brother.

In the unlikely event that the UK does change tack and somehow finds a way of further delaying things and then not leaving, most would probably be too relieved at avoiding the economic mess to indulge in open recriminations. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 6W.