Time to switch to the left


Sir, – I read Cantillon’s piece on car imports (Business, August 11th) with interest, admittedly a vested one, being involved in importing used cars for 30 years.

Following the door-shutting on used cars from the UK post Brexit and insurance companies’ reluctance to provide cover on used car imports from Japan, the motor trade will struggle to fill the demand for circa 100,000 second-hand units as currently imported per annum.

I would argue that now is time for us to leave our colonial past behind us and switch to left-hand-drive cars, thus uniting us with the rest of Europe and ensuring consumers will have availability of used cars that can be imported from the EU.

This proposed switch in driving seats is not without precedent as Sweden successfully swapped over on “Dagen H” in 1967. – Yours, etc,


David Golding Cars,

Rathgar, Dublin 6.