Time to ban vaping


Sir, – The considerations good and bad, highlighted in Paul Cullen’s “vaping” article (Weekend Review, December 7th) are noteworthy with one exception, which has not received a mention.

I have every sympathy with smokers who endeavour to kick their addiction by vaping.

However, every day I observe “vapers” puffing their pipes on public transport, in restaurants, pubs, shopping centres and the like with no respect for non-smokers or public health.

Some puff away, hiding their pipes, while others blow their vape with abandon in a heedless inconsiderate manner.

What a relief it is to be able to enjoy a drink or visit the above mentioned without having to endure cigarette smoke after the ban.

Surely, the time has arrived to follow suit by banning vaping in enclosed public places. Minister for Health, Simon Harris, take note. – Yours, etc,